The demise of the Natural World

The pictures tell a story, a story the Megatropolis prefers to hide and not be told. Buildings going up everywhere relentlessly are machines. They house many smaller machines, computers, air conditioners, printers, etc., etc. They’re surrounded by large pathways of asphalt built exclusively for moving machines / automobiles. All put together a massive machine leaving no space for human beings.

To be and remain human, the Mules must interact, intermingle with the Life of the Natural World as the pictures show the once strong Natural World is gone and replaced by machines (buildings).

As the Mules move through the Megatropolis, it is clear to us the machines will soon be taking care of themselves. The need for humanity will be over. All you need to do is look at the pictures. Where are the elk, deer, bears, salmon, lions, horses? They are gone. WHY? There is no space for them. They weren’t included in the scheme / plan and neither was the human race.

The Mules

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