The Mules and the job they do

As I was grazing the Mules yesterday, there were two areas adjacent to each other, one being the open unkept field, the other the well manicured park grass. The kids were constantly trying to get to the lush green park grass. I had to keep turning them back to the open field.

The Megatropolis behaves in much the same way as the Mules. It has an insatiable appetite for lush green grass (your freedom, your energy). It will leave no stone unturned, no scheme untried, consequences no matter.

While most everybody has been set to distractions and pre-occupations, the Mules have not. Our nomadic way of life demands that the Mules stay in constant vigilance and alert. So when the Megatropolis turns to the lush green grass, our freedom, our energy, we are there to grab its lead rope and turn it back to the open field.

The support for the Mules to do this most necessary job will not come from government, a political party, corporation, or a super pack. The Mules are not registered Republicans or Democrats. We are not capitalists, socialists, communists or terrorists. The Mules are free-flowing energy and a living moving connection to the Natural World.

Support for the Mules comes from the soul of a people who love freedom and recognize and understand the creativity, magic and light that is bestowed on those who practice it.

Long live this place of one human-being, moving freely with his or her animal companions. Viva La Mulas.

The Mules

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The Price of Freedom

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance so said somebody…can’t remember who, it’s been quoted by many. The Mules are a venue of that vigilance providing a real live moving scene of eternal vigilance by which anybody at anytime can open the window and watch the Mules moving freely when they choose , how they choose across this country and across this earth.

You take a pause in your busy day, look through the window, you see the Mules there moving freely and unhindered. They’re strong, healthy and well. Now you know your personal freedom and your children’s future is still here.
You look through the window and you see the Mules limping then you know you must jump through that window and give your strength and support so the Mules can continue their journey which is to protect and preserve their freedom as well as yours.
In these complicated and troubled times, the Megatropolis is taking full advantage. Our case in Pasadena at the United States Court of Appeals is a perfect example. The National Park Service arrested the Mules for stopping to rest – one of the most necessary functions to sustain life.
The Megatropolis must come to understand it cannot meddle or tread on the Mules or anybody else’s basic functions of sleeping, eating, walking, etc. that are necessary to living. For allow it to do so will certainly be the end of freedom.
The Mules

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Earth Day

Earth Day. One day every year, the Megatropolis designates a celebration of Earth. The Mules, we do it a little differently. Our life is a celebration of Earth Day. The Mules celebrate Earth Day 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. As we walk along, we bring that celebration to every city and town we go through, every neighborhood, by everybody’s front door. We bring the magic and celebration of the earth and all its inhabitants. Our Earth Day is never ending. We celebrate Earth Day on April 22, but we know that we will celebrate Earth Day the next day, the next day, the next day. It is relentless with us. That is where our wealth lies, in the health and the wealth of the natural earth, this natural world. That celebration for The Mules will never end.

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Down to the Bone Nomadic Way of Life

The Mules demonstrating the down to the bone nomadic way of life. Able to erect shelter in a moments notice, take it down the same. Leaving a place the way it was when they arrived. Using their energy to live in harmony and respect with nature not in confrontation with nature. The Mules demonstrating this most valued and respected way to live on this earth to one and all as they walk down the city street right under your kitchen window to see, feel, experience the absolute necessity to yourself and the future of your children for a strong healthy Natural World.

The Mules are calling forth a thousand Monks walking with their animal companions all over this country for thousand of years or until the Buffalos return breaking over the horizon like water breaking through a dam, restoring the health of the Natural World and all who reside within.

The Vision will grow in scope and size it comes through the door of infinity it knows no limits.

The Mules

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The Vision

The Mules have been given a vision by this ages old place in which we belong. We carry the energy and magic of this vision as we wander in stark contrast to the Megatropolis and its blueprint by which we are told we must conform and live. A blueprint of total and complete control of all energy – be it human, animal, sun, wind, etc. that has wrought so much destruction and continues to do so on us (The Mules) and this natural world and all life which it harbors.

Today, we will be clearing the trail which goes up the San Emigdio Canyon. Our bodies will be feeling the pain and discomfort brought on by the maladies of old age. But we will be carrying the vision that was given to us. It will be in our mind’s eye as we work, walk and live. A vision of millions of Buffalos breaking over the horizon.

First we will feel their intensifying energy then we will hear it then see. The energy of this vision will first flow over then break through like water behind a dam. It will flow over the surface of the earth until every nook and cranny is completely immersed at which time a great calm will be felt by one and all. The knowing that the Buffalos have returned to heel the Natural World and all its inhabitants with the power and magic of the energy they harbor.

The Mules will carry this vision harboring the energy of all the people we’ve met, all the kindness and support we’ve received, all the steps we’ve taken on our endless journey to the courthouse in Pasadena, California on May 2, 2016.

The intensifying energy and magic of this vision will enter the courthouse and flow through and around every square inch of that courthouse and work its ages old magic on all those harbored in that courthouse. No matter what the judges decide – guilty or not guilty, upside down, backwards, or sideways. The magic and energy of the Mules will not be denied.

The Mules will continue to wander and roam through the Megatropolis in stark contrast to its destructive blueprint of control and containment of all energy on earth. The wealth of the Mules is harbored in the struggle to be free to live and flow with the energy of the Natural World. This vision will never relent. It will only intensify. No matter what happens or occurs as long as we hold this vision in our mind’s eye, our wealth continues to grow.

~The Mules

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