Free flowing energy and happiness in Bakersfield

Gayle, Shana and kids with Little Girl

As we were packing up groceries we bought at WinCo, Gayle drove up in his pickup and said that himself and Shana his wife followed the Mules on Facebook/3Mules. We said thank you. Gayle said if we ever need a place to stay a few days, the Mules would be welcome.

Little Girl

So a few weeks later, here we are enjoying the company of their goats, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, and peacocks. We enjoyed delicious fresh eggs scrambled this morning produced by these happy chickens with plenty of company, room to roam (energy moving freely) produces happy chickens that lay good eggs.

The degree of free energy you have in your life is the degree of happiness you experience in your life. The Mules see this all day every day play itself out in many ways.

The Megatropolis is rapidly destroying the availability and access we the human race has to that energy. Need only to look around the dial on the misery meter that continues to rise.

Pictured above are Gayle, Shana and kids who have created their own connection to Nature’s free flowing energy and happiness.

The Mules

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Gallstones – surgery required

The Mules have been limited in our mobility and long distance walking due to severe pain. On Wednesday, we headed west along the Kern River headed for the medical center to see the urologist. It seems we have a gallstone the size of a golf ball. Surgery scheduled to get it out. While we are under anesthesia, the doctor will also look at our enlarged prostate.

Will we then be looking for a golf course? No we will continue our ages old sacred way of life spontaneously wandering in one of all four directions how we choose, when we choose. One nation, the 3 Mules Nation, under God with liberty and room for all who know the extreme value of the nomadic way of life which has been practiced through the ages and will continue into the span of infinity.

Photo credit: Stephanie Jabri
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How Little Girl got her name

One day twenty-four years ago, Little Girl had really gotten me mad. She was a super brat. Well, she flipped my switch and the last thing I screamed at her, “You’re just a little girl and you will never grow up! You’re always going to be a Little Girl.” Well since Lady retired, she has grown up and taken on Lady’s role. She is doing a great job.

Little Girl
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