Whittier, CA

As I was making my oatmeal and the kids were eating their breakfast of alfalfa hay that Sofia brought to us last night, a whole lot of Whittier police showed up. They said that we couldn’t camp here. We said that we were having breakfast and will leave. The officers were all very friendly, asked the usual questions, took pictures and then left. We ate our breakfast, packed up and continued on our way to Pasadena.

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The El Camino Real

We like this photo taken by Tony Chiatello as we were walking on the El Camino Real in Carlsbad, California. Tony’s caption “Not everyday you see 3 mules on El Camino” was not a true statement from the 1600s to late 1800s when the El Camino Real was the route used by Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries traveling from Baja California to San Francisco by foot, horse and mule.

In the 1920s with the invention of the automobile, the El Camino Real slowly became paved over time from San Francisco to the Mexican border.

Thus, this route has historically been used longer by equestrian travelers than by those traveling in manmade machines.

We the Mules exercise use our right to use this ages old public thoroughfare called the El Camino Real.

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David Travelli cycling 30,000 kilometers Alaska to Patagonia

A few days ago, the Mules stopped to talk to this gentleman named Davide Travelli riding his fully loaded touring bicycle south. We asked him the same questions that we receive all the time: “Where are you from?” “Where are you going?” He is from Italy and has embarked on a long journey across the Americas (North, Central and South). On August 13, 2015, he started cycling in Alaska and is following the 30,000-kilometers (19,000-miles) Panamerican Highway to Patagonia in the southern end of South America. The Mules wish Davide the best and plan to follow his journey on his website http://alaska2patagonia.com/

UPDATE MARCH 24, 2018: 954 days later, Davide has now reached Ushuaia, Argentina, in the southern tip of South America. Davide plans to travel through Africa next. The 3 Mules say thank you to Davide Travelli and his magnificent journey showing one and all true human freedom as it can only be practiced on this earth and not on Mars, moon or an astroid. Human freedom exists where human beings belong, the Earth.

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Oceanside, California

This building is a testament to mankind’s ingenuity and cleverness but not a place the Mules would ever want to be. It harbors nothing for us but misery. This building claiming and providing space for those who seek comfort and ease of the man-made world (Megatropolis). The Mules claiming and then using the space for those who seek the beauty and magic of the Natural World.

~The Mules

Babe, Little Girl and Lady in Oceanside, CA.
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San Clemente, CA – Part II

Where we were fined in San Clemente in January of this year.  We had to stay here that day due to Little Girl’s abscessed hoof. We picked up and left this place spotless.

The Mules wandering through the Megatropolis peacefully and quietly all day every day serve as a stellar example of how to live and travel responsibly. For the Megratropolis to fine the Mules for doing this is wrong-headed.

The Mules

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San Clemente, CA – Part I

Yesterday we were walking along the Pacific Coast Highway going towards San Clemente and a Lady slowed her vehicle and asked if we were doing alright. We responded we were. About thirty minutes later, Karen was standing on the bike path in front of us. So we stopped and had a friendly conversation. Karen said her grandfather had a mule and she loved mules.

Karen asked us where we were going to spend the night. We said we didn’t know. She said we could stay the night in her backyard. We said the Mules would tear it up if it was landscaped. She said her neighbor Debbie had eight acres and she would ask her. Debbie said yes, so the Mules walked a couple of miles to Debbie’s house and spent the night.

In the morning, Debbie and Karen went and bough the kids some hay. So the Mules say thank you to Karen, Debbie, Tiffany, Sabrina and Adam for giving their kindness and support to the Mules as they continue the journey of bringing the light, shining the light, spreading the light of the Natural World into the man-made world (Megatropolis).

The Mules

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