Department of Transportation pedestrian warning sign

This sign is a good start for the Department of Transportation showing some willingness to use its resources for promoting safety on the Public Thoroughfare. It needs to go much further in notifying the High Speed Motorist that the Public Thoroughfare is for all rightful users, which include bicycles, equestrians, and pedestrians and not the exclusive domain of the High Speed Motorist.

The High Speed Motorist and its prevailing attitude – jump in a ditch, run for the bushes, I’m coming through, I don’t slow up for nothing or nobody – must come to an end.

The Department of Transportation using its resources and many signs placed all over the state can hammer down, stamp down, the message that the High Speed Motorist will no longer rule our roadways. For the Department of Transportation to shirk its duty and responsibility any longer in this regard will surely bring on the wrath of all California citizens who understand the extreme value of a multi-use Public Thoroughfare promoting freedom and respect and enjoyment for one and all.

The Mules

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