Outside the boundaries of the Megatropolis

The two pictures shown represent the two basic ways of living on this earth. The picture on the top represents the Natural Earth model, a strong healthy, natural environment supporting a varied and diverse web of life, living in balance and harmony for the sake and well-being of all. The picture on the bottom represents the Megatropolis (man-made world) model. A place of dirty water, poison air and food. Outrageous sickening noise, personal and collective isolation for those who live under its influence and within its boundaries which turns out to be where most of us find ourselves.

No human being with a good common sense mind knowing beforehand the consequences of leaving the Natural World and entering and residing in the Megatropolis would ever do so. The Human race has been tricked, lured by the carrot of gadgetry and glitz, comfort and ease, now addicted to what the Megatropolis provides and unwilling to leave, no matter what the consequences.

For those who would break their addiction and leave the Megatropolis, they are being faced with an ever increasing amount of laws, codes, regulations, permits, fees, to prevent their escape.

The Mules case going before the Ninth Circuit in Pasadena on May 2, 2016 is a perfect example of the Megatropolis sealing the cracks, tightening the noose to prevent any escape from its vessel of containment and control of all energy on earth be it human, animal, wind, sun, heat, cold, etc.

If you are willing to live within the boundaries of the Megatropolis, sleep is allowed. If you are not willing to live within those boundaries, the basic function necessary to all life, SLEEP, is being denied.

~The Mules

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Freedom to Move

The Mules will be leaving the Wind Wolves Conservancy in a few days and be on our way to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Pasadena and bring our ages old nomadic way of life to the steps of the court. We will be carrying the energy of thousands of steps made by ourselves and the many others who have practiced this most revered and cherished way to live and be on this place called Earth. We will carry the energy of the thousands of people who we have met on our journey and given their support and kindness to see that this endless journey never ends.

The Mules are working, living every day feet on the ground example of this most valued gift bestowed to the human race to move freely how you choose, when you choose across this beautiful earth. The Mules will never give it away and neither should you.

Give your hope and faith to this endless journey through time and space and experience true wealth – the things money can never buy. The freedom to move on this earth and experience the mystery and magic of doing so can only be kept by using it all day every day. 

The Mules do this most necessary job and reap the awards bestowed upon us by the hope and faith we give to this place of one human being moving freely with reverence and respect for earth and all her inhabitants.

~The Mules

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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit – Oral Argument Scheduled for USA v. The Mules

On May 2nd 2016, we the mules will appear in Pasadena to attend our appeal  before the 9th circuit. Our pro bono lawyer Dan Kapelovitz represent his oral argument as to why we should be found not guilty. The court will only listen and decide the case on the fine points of the law. The Mules arguments against our conviction will not be accepted or heard by the court but they will be felt by everyone in and around that building for years to come. And that is the ongoing mission of the Mules to spread the magic and mystery of this ages-old nomadic way of living for that is the key to true happiness and to be without it is the key to true misery.

Any law passed by federal, state, county, city government that denies any form of life on this Earth the basic functions such as sleeping, eating et cetera that are necessary to living that life is illegal, unconstitutional and un-everything. The implementation of such a law under any guise or pre-text is to refute and deny the process of life itself. It’s wrongheaded, upside down and backwards. It brings ultimate meaning and definition to the word of insanity.

All life on this Earth from the microbe to the whale engages in two basic kinds of activity – motion and rest. It goes back and forth from one to the other until it wears out and dies. The Megatropolis (man-made world) by its passage and use of laws, ordinances and codes, when enforced denying any form of life any one of these two basic functions -motion and rest – granted to life by God and creation, is a blatant act of illegality against the Earth and all its inhabitants.

This is exactly what was done to us the Mules when we were arrested, charged and convicted by the National Park Service for engaging in one of the two most basic acts to life on this Earth – rest. We the mules have lived on this Earth with reverence and respect for hundreds of thousands of years in harmony with God’s creation we will not be run off the Earth by the Megatropolis and its most favorite child the suburban model – buildings, freeways, machines, outrageous noise, poisoning air, food and water. We will persevere and see another day brought about by thousands of buffaloes appearing on the horizon with the magic and energy of a strong healthy natural world.

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Oral Argument Notice for USA v. John Sears is scheduled for May 2, 2016. We don’t know what order the oral arguments will be held yet. Each side in our case is scheduled to get 15 minutes of argument. Our lawyer has informed us that it is possible that once this case is assigned to the 3-judge panel, they could decide to take the oral arguments off calendar and just decide the case based on the briefs. As we learn more, we will post and share what we know on here on 3Mules.com and on our Facebook page. On May 2, 2016, we the Mules will appear in Pasadena to attend our appeal before the 9th Circuit.

In regards to those who want to donate money for this case…we are not requesting money. Money will not win this case. Hope, faith and energy given freely by people is what will win this case in the end. This case is everybody’s freedom to move in this country when we choose and how we choose and our connection to this earth and our humanity.

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