Ornamental landscaping of the Megatropolis

Pictured is Little Girl grazing the Public Thoroughfare along the sidewalk. The assertion can be made that Little Girl is grazing the landscaped public thoroughfare is destruction of public property. Not the case. She’s grazing a variety of bunch grass which is very well rooted and thrives when occasionally grazed upon.

Because the Megatropolis has covered vast areas with concrete and asphalt and continues to do so denying our grazing animal companions their previously pastoral lands necessary to their survival. The Megatropolis now by default must assume responsibility to provide food and fodder for our grazing animal companions.

The landscaping scheme of “for your eyes only” will be changed to a new more dynamic, vibrant scheme bringing our animal companions in, around and amongst us to live and thrive like the human race has never experienced. This new landscaping scheme will be a major component by which the Megatropolis will be brought to heed then show respect for and bring itself into balance with the Natural World.

The Mules

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