Leroy and Rosie

Three years ago, the Mules bought Little Ethel. She has served the Three Mules Nation together with Little Girl with her energy acquired from long ago. She became very attached to Little Girl. With Little Girl’s passing, Little Ethel has entered a new phase by which she will serve the Three Mules Nation in the most magical and unforeseen ways.

The Monk and the two new members of the Three Mule Journey, Leroy and Rosie, will be looking forward to Little Ethel’s energy as well as the energy from Lady and Little Girl, and how they will use it to protect and guide us as we continue this most sacred journey of human being and horse across over and around this beautiful land now known as California.

Follow the new phase of Little Ethel’s journey at Lucky Ones Ranch Facebook/Instagram page where her energy will continue to serve all those who love and respect the sacred relationship between human being and horse. 

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