Turlock, CA

The Mules delivered the DOE and MCL to Turlock City Hall. After doing so, we encountered two gentlemen, CSU Stanislaus Police, who showed interest in our campaign to build a multi-use trail system in this country linking all states to all states north, south, east and west.

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Livingston, California

On May 24, Ruben Chavez, police chief of Livingston, CA, e-mailed the Mules: “The mules are welcome to stay in Livingston for water, food, etc. We currently have two rescued horses we use for mounted patrol. We would love to have you stay with us. We also have charros who ride through town daily. We are equine friendly, so please call me if you have any questions.”

We responded to the email and called Chief Chavez and accepted his offer to stop and rest for a couple nights in Livingston.

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Man with Three Mules

I saw an article this morning (September 12 at 10am, Tokyo time) on the net, at The Atlantic magazine, that read: “There is a man wandering around California with three mules”. At that moment I knew I’d have to write a song. Fortunately, today I had the morning completely free. So I wrote the song, and recorded it, and now, here it is, four and a half hours from the original inspiration. I should note that I haven’t read the article yet, so my song shouldn’t be expected to have any of the actual details right. But the image I’m uploading for this song is a photo of the man himself.  Click on the play arrow below to listen. Hope you enjoy the song.

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