Morning in San Emigdio Canyon

We awoke this morning, it was cold. I grabbed some oatmeal, put into a cup, headed for the morning sun just breaking over the top of the ridge, sat down on my bucket and pure enjoyment began. Eating our breakfast out in the open air in this beautiful canyon at Wind Wolves Preserve.

This is our wealth, the endless magic of time and circumstance bestowed upon those who give their hope, faith and energy to earth and all its inhabitants. The wealth of the Megatropolis (manmade World), gadgetry, glitz and endless discovery to the Mules is no wealth at all. It’s the bait on the hook to lure the human race down the endless dark hole to be forever isolated from itself, creation, and God.

The Mules

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Our Vision

We awoke this morning and fixed breakfast. While eating, we spotted two wild mules moving across the horizon. They were moving with a sense of direction and purpose. We became curious and decided to follow. As we got closer, we could see they were wearing halters. This we found strange for there were no signs of the man-made world (fences, walls, machines, dirty air, water and outrageous noise). The energy that was flowing through us gave us a strange sense of moving out of something and into something here to fore unknown.

We the Mules carry and contemplate a vision in our mind’s eye. A vision of millions of buffalo appearing upon the horizon. First we feel the vibration of ground beneath us – a sense of excitement and wonder surrounds us, then comes the sound that assures us that yes energy is intensifying and then we see millions of buffalos. Our knees buckle. We fall to the ground. We shake from the power of this vision materializing before us. Then we know we must keep walking. It’s the walking that makes stuff happen.

The Mules

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Little Girl stolen and found by Selma Police Department

Thank you Selma Police Department

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 around 1:15AM, while I was asleep behind the Selma Plaza Shopping Center in Selma, CA, the shopping center’s security guard drove up in his truck and woke me up. He said he had seen me with my two mules earlier in the evening at the shopping center. He wanted to let me know that he had just seen a man on a bicycle leading Little Girl, my 28-year old white mule, away on Highland Avenue.

Before I went to sleep, I had secured Lady and Little Girl on a picket line to the fence with a secure knot that can’t come undone by itself. I looked where Little Girl had been picketed and she was gone. I flagged down a police officer and told him what happened. I couldn’t risk leaving Lady alone and waited in place.

Around 2AM, Selma police returned and said that they located Little Girl. One officer stayed with Lady and my belongings, while the other officer took me to get Little Girl.

The Mules want to thank the Selma Plaza Shopping Center night security guard who woke me up to alert me that Little Girl was taken as it resulted in her quick recovery. I neglected to get his name and hope he sees this and writes us. I also want to thank the four Selma Police officers on duty last night – Officers Alvarez, Officer Johnson, Officer Hissong and Officer Musso, who responded and located Little Girl. Without the security guard as witness and fast action of all the officer involved, it would have been very difficult to locate Little Girl if we had awoken hours later without any witness information or any idea which direction to look if she got hidden. We also want to thank Selma Police dispatcher who we spoke to on the phone who gave us updates while we were waiting. We are forever grateful more than our words can express.

We do not want to go into details about the person who took her, so please do not ask for more info. We are just thankful that Little Girl, who has been with me and Lady for the past 25-years, was located and unharmed. This is the first time in in our 30+ year journey that this has ever happened.

This morning, we walked to Selma Police Department to thank the four officers but they had finished their night shift. These are photos of other Selma officers who came out to meet Little Girl and Lady. After we thanked the Selma Police Department for their help, we left Selma and continued on our migratory journey south.

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The Mules say thank you to Sam Gonzales

The Mules want to thank Sam Gonzales for inviting us to stop and rest on his property for the past three months.

We had come to the Coarsegold area by the direction of the energy that surrounds and guides us. Here is where my oldest mule Lady was born 37 years ago.

We decided we would head for Oakhurst, buy groceries, then find the place where I bought Lady and she was born.

As we were walking along Road 415, we saw a sign Tomatoes for Sale. We stopped. Sam was there. We asked to buy some tomatoes. He came back with some. He asked where the mules were going to spend the night. We said we weren’t sure. He said they could stay here and that there was plenty of grass for them to eat. There was. We accepted.

We’ve been here for 3 months. The Monk was having a physical problem due to age. Meeting Sam was a godsend. The Mules now continue this ages old nomadic journey practiced by many through the ages.

The Mules

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Does not matter whether you be Republican, Democrat, socialist, capitalist or a hoo-dee-do, we are all human and we cannot continue our lives without a strong healthy natural world

While the Hillary and Donald circus distraction goes on, the Megatropolis continues to spread the gadgetry and glitz everywhere no matter the consequences. As the Mules walk, their endless journey and show the startling contrast between their way of life (respect and reverence for earth and all life) and the Megatropolis way of life to spread itself relentlessly until there is no life.

The Mules and our Declaration of Emergency was recognized by a stellar organization of Equestrians, The Long Riders’ Guild who wrote:

“While the majority of Americans are familiar with the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it may surprise people to learn that another political campaign has also been launched in the United States and that this movement is about the need to preserve equestrian freedom.
John Sears has been traveling with his mules through the western portion of the USA for many years. During his travels Sears has denounced the spread of a threat he defines as Megatropolis, a ‘developing machine that’s only real purpose is to gobble the Earth up until it’s been consumed.’
In an interview with California journalist, Rick Paulas, Sears explained how an expanding tube of local city ordinances are being passed in an effort to systematically remove people’s right to sleep outdoors in a public space.
‘We have a right to travel in this country freely and to choose how we do it.’ Sears told Paulas. ‘But if you don’t have the right to stop and rest, or the right to go to sleep at night, you can’t exercise that right to travel.’
Sears believes that Americans are unaware that their fundamental right to travel freely across the country is being endangered by restrictive local laws. He has written a Declaration of Emergency  wherein he urges his fellow citizens to protect their civil liberties.
‘The ordinances go against any real law of common sense. They’re laws against life itself.’ Sears said. ‘It’s illegal. It’s not acceptable. If it’s acceptable, this country better quit celebrating the Fourth of July and stop uttering the word freedom, because there is none.’”

Does not matter whether you be Republican, Democrat, socialist, capitalist or a hoo-dee-do, we are all human and we cannot continue our lives without a strong healthy natural world.

The Mules

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