3 Mules Position on Fundraising

Oftentimes, the Mules are asked if we have any online methods to receive donations. I, John Sears of the 3 Mules (“The Mules”) do not currently have any active GoFundMe, Kickstarter, PayPal, or any other online sites requesting funds. We met our June 13, 2022 fundraising goal and shut off the ability for any further contributions to that GoFundMe campaign, which is documented under the Donations page of this website. If any of our friends or supporters see Facebook posts, receive emails or friend requests that gives the impression that 3 Mules are involved in fundraising, we want our readers to be aware that the request for monetary donation is not being made by us nor would we receive any monetary benefit from them.

Due to our ever increasing expenses we find it necessary from time to time to seek reimbursement for money spent. This request will be posted directly by the Mules on our official Facebook page (Facebook.com/3Mules) and our official 3Mules.com website. Past GoFundMe fundraisers along with receipts for purchases are posted on on the Donations page of this website. Thus, if you receive a fundraising requests that is not posted on either of these two sites, the request is not endorsed by the Mules.

The 3 Mules website and Facebook page is to educate, enlighten and inform those who may be interested in what The Mules are about and not to bring anybody any commercial or financial gain.

Mule Documentary 
I’m writing this post to make my position known on the documentary film being made about us (3 Mules).

On December 31, 2012 I was in Pasadena to attend the Rose Parade and met John McDonald, a documentary filmmaker who got out of his car and introduced himself to me as I was walking along the street with my mules. We met and talked for a couple of days and came to an agreement of mutual self-interest. We would allow him to film us at no cost to himself and while doing so, he would help us with understanding and using the technology necessary to operate our website 3MULES.com at no cost to us.

I asked McDonald how he got funding to make his documentaries. He said he was self-funded and money came from organizations that issued grants to filmmakers. We made clear to him that my website and Facebook page were to educate the public on the Mules ages old nomadic way of life and travels and was not to be used as a tool to raise money for commercial enterprise or fundraise for various causes and projects. He expressed agreement with my position. McDonald set up and operated my 3 Mules Facebook page from January 2013 to early January 2014 during which time the expected grants to fund his documentary never materialized. As I was becoming more proficient in using technology, I revoked his access in January 2014. John McDonald is no longer working or involved with 3Mules.com or 3 Mules Facebook page. 

This post is not to condemn the documentary or attack John McDonald. I feel that I need to make it very clear to those who are contacted to donate funds that the Mules are under no obligation or are we in any way responsible for the funding of John McDonald’s documentary. The documentary’s production funding and completion rest on him and him alone. The Mules have no financial or any other interests in the production or completion of this documentary film.

~The Mules

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