KHSL-TV Action News Now interview with Cecile Juliette

On June 26, 2015 while we were outside Chico, Reporter Cecile Juliette of KHSL-TV Action News Now interviewed the Mules. We don’t have the original news clip. Here is the raw, unedited version of the interview that wasn’t aired that Ms. Juliette shared with us, which we truly appreciate receiving.

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Wheatland, CA

We stopped here last night. We were not here more than half an hour when a CHP officer showed up. He got out of his car and asked us what was up. We told him that we were stopping here to rest for the night. He said he was responding to a number of calls that we were walking in the middle of the road.

My answer to that was that we were not walking in the middle of the road. We were walking on the side of the road due to the fact that there was no shoulder to walk on, thus it forced us to walk on the edge of the road. We had a right to do so. We have every right to use the public thoroughfare as the automobile. 

The officer went back to his car and talked to the office. He returned and said he was merely concerned that we don’t get hit. He handed me back my I.D. and was on his way.

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Sacramento State Capitol California Highway Patrol

Thank you to California Highway Patrol Capitol Officer Jones for ensuring a smooth and welcoming visit for the 3 Mules. When the Mules arrived at the Capitol, CHP bike patrol officer escorted the Mules to a fenced, shaded area with water for Lady, Little Girl and Who-dee-doo. CHP mounted patrol unit officers Dillon and Maxwell kept an eye on the kids while Mule delivered the DOE to Governor Jerry Brown’s Office.

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