Mules and the God given right to rest

Pictured is another stellar example of the Mules stopping to rest. All forms of life on this earth from the microbe to the whale engages in activity and rest through its lifetime.

For the Megatropolis (man-made world) to make up a law with the stroke of a pen that inhibits and prevents any form or way of life from engaging in this life-sustaining process is illegal.

The Megatropolis has enacted a law 647(e) penal code (the illegal lodging law) in the state of California which prevents the Mules from stopping to rest for any given night.

The Megatropolis is seeking without doubt to remove all other ways of living on this earth other than its most favored child – the suburban model.

The beauty, mystery and magic of our day in and day out relationship with our ages old companions, Bears, Wolves, Elk, Salmon and many others is now for the most part over. The Beauty now resides in the self-sustaining act of resistance.

Viva La Resistance
Viva La Mulas

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Lake Forest, CA

Yesterday afternoon after we delivered the DOE to Lake Forest City Hall, we stopped on this little tiny dirt trail going down a canyon. With grass along the side and isolation from the traffic on the street, this was a good place to stop and make our dinner. As we were making dinner, a gentleman on the other side of the fence (commercial property not residential) approached and wanted to know what we were doing. We said we were traveling and stopped here for the night to rest. He said okay and left.

Shortly afterwards, a Lake Forest Police officer showed up. He was very nice and wanted to know what we were doing. We explained and gave him our information. He said said, “Okay, you’re just staying here for the night to rest, you’re not camping, right?” We responded yes, we will be leaving in the morning. The officer said okay and then left. These are photos of where we spent last night in Lake Forest.

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Westminster, California

Zanie and Vincent with the Mules

Last Saturday, the Mules waited in front of Westminster Walmart store for the arrival of Mary and Earl who answered our request that we made on Facebook for horseshoes. As the kids were grazing along the street while we were waiting, Vincent came and introduced himself and we talked a bit. He told us that he didn’t live far away and we were welcome to come over and take a rest. We told him that we were waiting for somebody to bring horseshoes. Vincent then left, but returned a short time afterwards with hay. 

After we met with Mary, we decided to accept Vincent’s offer to rest a bit. We warned him that the mules would tear apart his nice manicured lawn. He said no problem and that he wasn’t worried about it. We took the packs off the mules and spent the day in Vincent and Zanie’s front yard grazing.

During this time, the neighbors and kids came over and enjoyed the mules. When the end of the day came, a neighbor across the street volunteered that the mules could go in his fenced backyard for the night. So the mules were kept safe in the fenced backyard with Bermuda grass to eat and water to drink, while I spent the night on Vincent’s front lawn.

Thank you to Vincent, Zanie, and their neighbors for the great hospitality to the Mules. We give thanks for the energy given by all the kind people we meet along our never ending journey through the mystery of time and space.

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Irvine, CA

11/26/15 Irvine, CA (Check) On Thanksgiving night, November 26th, the Mules were peacefully resting in a big empty lot located here in Irvine when somebody on the other side of the fence called the police to report us being there. Click here to listen to audio recording of our conversation with Irvine Police officer.

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Thanksgiving Day and the Mules

We give thanks for the energy given by all the kind people we meet along our never ending journey through the mystery of time and space. We give thanks for our constitutional right to do so. We give thanks to all those who gave Life and Limb to protect the right to go how you choose, when you choose, where you choose. The Mules give thanks for being able to live in service to this sparkling jewel turning mystically in space we call Earth. ~The Mules

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Tustin, CA

As we were walking through Tustin, we stopped to graze on a grassy corner. After a certain amount of time, Tustin police appeared and we engaged in a friendly conversation. This is the same corner that we met them this past January. Orange County Register posted an article of that meeting

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The Mules’s treatment in Stanton, California by City of Stanton workers, Orange County Sheriffs and Animal Control

In the past two years of walking and hand delivering the Declaration of Emergency (DOE) to over 120 city halls throughout the state of California, including Governor Jerry Brown’s Office in the State Capitol and the Golden Gate ridge Administrative office, this is the first time that the Mules have experienced a reception such as we received by the City of Stanton.

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, the Mules delivered the DOE and MCL to Westminster and Stanton city halls. Stanton City Hall was closed with not a soul in sight. Oftentimes when we arrive at a city hall after business hours, we simply drop off our documents at the front door either by inserting in mail slot, slipping under, leaving by, or taping to the door, and continue on our way.

Upon arriving at Stanton City Hall, we were met by a Stanton code enforcement officer asking why we were there. We said we came to deliver the DOE and MCL. He said, “Let me see them.” Then, he started to assert that the mules could not be here in front of city hall. Then a City of Stanton park ranger showed up (man in blue shirt in this photo) and called the Orange County Sheriff.

Four Orange County Sheriff showed up in force and asked us the same repetitive questions previously asked by the city code enforcement officer and park ranger. Who are you? Where are you from? What are you doing here? What is this document? When are you leaving Stanton? Where are you staying? Where are you going? Why do you have these animals? and so on and so on…I presented my identification, the DOE and MCL, as well as my card that displays the 3 Mules website and Facebook address that they could look us up.

After a long period of time being grilled by the county sheriffs, Orange County animal control was called. Upon arriving, the animal control officer got out of her truck with ropes in hand, ready for an impoundment action. She then went back to her truck looking for a violation that would justify impoundment. Nothing found, the Supervisor was summoned. After another long period of time, the supervisor showed up asking us the same repetitive questions.

After that, they all left and the Mules left as peacefully and quietly as they came, walking with free flowing energy that flows through us, around us, over and under us all day every day, one step at a time.

The Mules will continue delivering the DOE and bringing its intensifying energy and magic to all places of consequence. Stamping in and stamping down the absolute necessity for a multi-use trail system in this state and country where we can practice, cultivate and use our human connection to the Natural World.

The Mules 

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Kind souls helped the 3 Mules soles

Mary Carbone, Westminster, CA with Little Girl, Babe and Lady

Back in 2014 while walking along La Palma Avenue, the Mules met Mary and Earl Carbone. Mary took some pictures and asked questions as to our journey, then wrote an article for the Orange County Register published March 12, 2014. (Click here for article.)

Yesterday, we posted our need for horseshoes and Mary and Earl responded.

Upon meeting up with her and Earl in front of Walmart, we remembered our initial meeting with them.

Thank you Earl and Mary for the kindness and support you showed the Mules with the much needed horseshoes.

~The Mules

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The Right to Rest

Where we spent the night in Paramount, CA

Paramount, CA – November 17, 2015
Pictured is where we stopped yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm in the City of Paramount. After securing the kids to some trees and removing their packs, we prepared dinner. Upon completing our meal, it became dark so we put the kids on picket lines and stayed the night. Getting up in the morning, we fixed breakfast, ate, packed up the kids who were ready and rested for a new day to spread the seeds of magic and mystery that the Mules carry.

The Mules say thank you to the city of Paramount for the kindness and support they showed the Mules for allowing us to stop and rest for the night. The Mules also want to thank the City of Paramount for being a stellar example of how anybody traveling in transit going from one place to the next whether by horse, bicycle, on foot, etc., must be treated.

This independent self reliant means of moving yourself (how you choose, when you choose, where you choose) is the backbone to freedom in this country. A cherished freedom that many have given life and limb to preserve. Thank you to the people of the City of Paramount.

City of Lakewood’s City Hall staff presented with the Declaration of Emergency

Lakewood, CA – November 18, 2015
This afternoon, the Mules stopped by the City of Lakewood City Hall to deliver the Declaration of Emergency (DOE). When we arrived, the city hall staff came out to greet us and were very welcoming to the Mules. They kindly posed for a group photo. The gentleman holding the DOE said that he would hand deliver our important document, which declares the need for an interstate trail system, to the Mayor of Lakewood. Thank you to the people in the City of Lakewood for your kind heartedness.

San Clemente, CA – January 22, 2015
In contrast, early in January 2015, the Mules were traveling on the ages old trail now called the El Camino Real going through the City of San Clemente and were not treated with the same kindness and respect that we received from the people of Paramount last night and the city of Lakewood today.

On January 22, 2015 at 4am, the Mules were woken up by San Clemente police officer who told us that we could not sleeping in this vacant lot in which he found us. The City of San Clemente has strict no camping ordinances. He asked us when we would be leaving. We said we would leave when it was light and he said okay and left. About 8:30am, we continued our journey south on the El Camino Real when Little Girl started to show a light lameness in her front foot. As we continued, her limp became pronounced. To prevent further injury, we stopped at another vacant lot to inspect her foot, which was quite sensitive. We knew that we needed to seek help with someone with a horse trailer to bring her to an equine vet to get checked. Took the pack off the mules and started making phone calls, leaving messages to people I knew to seek help. None of our contacts were able to arrive that day (January 22) with a trailer.

About 9pm, San Clemente police officer arrived. We explained our circumstances as to why we were there and could not physically move due to Little Girl’s injury. The officer called animal control and we waited for quite a while before animal control showed up. Animal control officer took a very quick look at a distance, had Little Girl walk a few steps on soft dirt, and made a comment that Little Girl did not look lame to her, and then left. At that point the police officer decided to issue the citation based on her opinion.

The next day, friends arrived with a trailer to pick us up to bring us to San Juan Capistrano. We could not meet the vet immediately and rested Little Girl while we waited for our appointment on January 26. On January 26, San Juan Capistrano equine veterinarian Dr. Mark Secor gave Little Girl an exam, including x-rays. Dr. Secor wrote in his examination report: “Exam: mild LF lameness noted at walk, certain steps – tight circle to left more exaggerated, mild high lateral hoof well, mild ups DP’s, les palpates WNL. Moderate sensitivity to hoof testers… Suspect cause of lameness – resolving abscess.

Vet diagnosis for Little Girl

The Monk followed the instructions on the citation, submitted a check by the payment deadline and requested to contest citation via mail (submitting our letter and vet expert diagnosis with payment) instead of having an Administrative Hearing in person which would require mules to walk back to San Clemente. The Mules made several phone calls to request in regards to an appeal while we were nearby and was told that they were backlogged in processing citations. On March 2, we received a certified letter that stated “THIS IS THE SECOND HEARING DATE – IT CANNOT BE RESCHEDULED”.   The Mules never received a letter informing us about a date for a first hearing. Also, we sent Dr. Secor’s exam as evidence that Little Girl was lame.

The Mules found it unreasonable for San Clemente to cite us and retain our $100 citation fee as we had a valid reason for why we could not PHYSICALLY leave town by walking due to Little Girl’s lameness in her foot. We were waiting for friends to come with a horse trailer to pick us up, which wasn’t available to arrive until the next day. We submitted written letter of appeal with veterinarian diagnosis confirming Little Girl’s lameness due to abscess in hoof. San Clemente rejected our written request for appeal and required us to appear in person back in San Clemente even though we had indicated that we would not be able to walk back in time due to our distance.  As well, after explaining how we live a nomadic life in our initial letter to San Clemente, it is unreasonable for the city to wait more than two months for an administrative hearing date when we called to inquire multiple times while we were within walking distance to appeal.  

Mule’s letter sent to City of San Clemente

The Mules are returning to San Clemente, CA
In a few days, the Mules will be once again traveling this ages old trail now called the El Camino Real. Through the City of San Clemente once again we will be stopping there to rest for the night.
The Mules will be sending San Clemente Mayor Chris Hamm and San Clemente City Council members a letter informing them of our return to the City of San Clemente and we hope the treatment we received earlier this year will not be repeated. For the Mules to be treated in the public nuisance type categories as drunkards, drug abusers, leaving large amounts of trash behind, engaging in irresponsible type living with no regard or respect for anyone or anything is a complete turnaround from the truth.
We have a Facebook page and our website where the way we live is well documented. For anybody traveling in this country by horse, by foot or by bicycle going from one place to the next in transit exercising that most cherished right of personal freedom to be treated as we were in the City of San Clemente shows a blatant disregard for those who choose another means of transportation other than the dangerous and destructive automobile.

The Mules

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