Outside the boundaries of the Megatropolis

The two pictures shown represent the two basic ways of living on this earth. The picture on the top represents the Natural Earth model, a strong healthy, natural environment supporting a varied and diverse web of life, living in balance and harmony for the sake and well-being of all. The picture on the bottom represents the Megatropolis (man-made world) model. A place of dirty water, poison air and food. Outrageous sickening noise, personal and collective isolation for those who live under its influence and within its boundaries which turns out to be where most of us find ourselves.

No human being with a good common sense mind knowing beforehand the consequences of leaving the Natural World and entering and residing in the Megatropolis would ever do so. The Human race has been tricked, lured by the carrot of gadgetry and glitz, comfort and ease, now addicted to what the Megatropolis provides and unwilling to leave, no matter what the consequences.

For those who would break their addiction and leave the Megatropolis, they are being faced with an ever increasing amount of laws, codes, regulations, permits, fees, to prevent their escape.

The Mules case going before the Ninth Circuit in Pasadena on May 2, 2016 is a perfect example of the Megatropolis sealing the cracks, tightening the noose to prevent any escape from its vessel of containment and control of all energy on earth be it human, animal, wind, sun, heat, cold, etc.

If you are willing to live within the boundaries of the Megatropolis, sleep is allowed. If you are not willing to live within those boundaries, the basic function necessary to all life, SLEEP, is being denied.

~The Mules

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