The Vision

The Mules have been given a vision by this ages old place in which we belong. We carry the energy and magic of this vision as we wander in stark contrast to the Megatropolis and its blueprint by which we are told we must conform and live. A blueprint of total and complete control of all energy – be it human, animal, sun, wind, etc. that has wrought so much destruction and continues to do so on us (The Mules) and this natural world and all life which it harbors.

Today, we will be clearing the trail which goes up the San Emigdio Canyon. Our bodies will be feeling the pain and discomfort brought on by the maladies of old age. But we will be carrying the vision that was given to us. It will be in our mind’s eye as we work, walk and live. A vision of millions of Buffalos breaking over the horizon.

First we will feel their intensifying energy then we will hear it then see. The energy of this vision will first flow over then break through like water behind a dam. It will flow over the surface of the earth until every nook and cranny is completely immersed at which time a great calm will be felt by one and all. The knowing that the Buffalos have returned to heel the Natural World and all its inhabitants with the power and magic of the energy they harbor.

The Mules will carry this vision harboring the energy of all the people we’ve met, all the kindness and support we’ve received, all the steps we’ve taken on our endless journey to the courthouse in Pasadena, California on May 2, 2016.

The intensifying energy and magic of this vision will enter the courthouse and flow through and around every square inch of that courthouse and work its ages old magic on all those harbored in that courthouse. No matter what the judges decide – guilty or not guilty, upside down, backwards, or sideways. The magic and energy of the Mules will not be denied.

The Mules will continue to wander and roam through the Megatropolis in stark contrast to its destructive blueprint of control and containment of all energy on earth. The wealth of the Mules is harbored in the struggle to be free to live and flow with the energy of the Natural World. This vision will never relent. It will only intensify. No matter what happens or occurs as long as we hold this vision in our mind’s eye, our wealth continues to grow.

~The Mules

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