The Mules and the job they do

As I was grazing the Mules yesterday, there were two areas adjacent to each other, one being the open unkept field, the other the well manicured park grass. The kids were constantly trying to get to the lush green park grass. I had to keep turning them back to the open field.

The Megatropolis behaves in much the same way as the Mules. It has an insatiable appetite for lush green grass (your freedom, your energy). It will leave no stone unturned, no scheme untried, consequences no matter.

While most everybody has been set to distractions and pre-occupations, the Mules have not. Our nomadic way of life demands that the Mules stay in constant vigilance and alert. So when the Megatropolis turns to the lush green grass, our freedom, our energy, we are there to grab its lead rope and turn it back to the open field.

The support for the Mules to do this most necessary job will not come from government, a political party, corporation, or a super pack. The Mules are not registered Republicans or Democrats. We are not capitalists, socialists, communists or terrorists. The Mules are free-flowing energy and a living moving connection to the Natural World.

Support for the Mules comes from the soul of a people who love freedom and recognize and understand the creativity, magic and light that is bestowed on those who practice it.

Long live this place of one human-being, moving freely with his or her animal companions. Viva La Mulas.

The Mules

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