Public Open Space – Closed at Dusk

Pictured are the gates to a public open space we passed by yesterday. The sign says closed at dusk – you better not be caught inside. Anybody in transit traveling in this country by wheelchair, crutches, backpacking, bicycle or walking, riding with their animal companions must have the use of public space to stop and rest for the night. To deny them this space is to take away the right to move freely in this country. A right that so many in this country have given life and limb to protect and preserve.
Watch the Mules. We use and exercise this right all day every day. We have to. Without it, our ages old nomadic way will cease. The Mules consider it to be an honor to be in service to this most cherished right. We honor those who have given life and limb for it by the way we live. THANK YOU.

The Mules

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