Mules and the God given right to rest

Pictured is another stellar example of the Mules stopping to rest. All forms of life on this earth from the microbe to the whale engages in activity and rest through its lifetime.

For the Megatropolis (man-made world) to make up a law with the stroke of a pen that inhibits and prevents any form or way of life from engaging in this life-sustaining process is illegal.

The Megatropolis has enacted a law 647(e) penal code (the illegal lodging law) in the state of California which prevents the Mules from stopping to rest for any given night.

The Megatropolis is seeking without doubt to remove all other ways of living on this earth other than its most favored child – the suburban model.

The beauty, mystery and magic of our day in and day out relationship with our ages old companions, Bears, Wolves, Elk, Salmon and many others is now for the most part over. The Beauty now resides in the self-sustaining act of resistance.

Viva La Resistance
Viva La Mulas

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