December Rains

Little Girl and Little Ethel grazing

Young green grass coming up everywhere from the past couple weeks rain. There will be plenty of feed for the mules as we move South to San Diego and hopefully plenty of oatmeal for the Monk.

Mules enjoying life, living in harmony with the energy that flows around, under, over and through them, the energy of the web of life. It’s what makes life worth living. Nothing else. Without it we are all doomed.

Follow our travels in the Mule Tracker.

Little Ethel and Little Girl  making our way over the East Bay hills

Makeshift bed to stay off the wet ground.

Makeshift bed to stay off the wet ground.
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2 thoughts on “December Rains”

  1. I have just learned of The Mules. I think you are awesome. People like you and your sheep friend are what makes our country great. You are living your life as you choose and I will continue to follow you in your everyday adventures.

  2. Unfortunately, Ashland Oregon has passed a city ordinances prohibiting livestock from walking through town. I have a friend who has two sheep, and like you, he lives outside. He has been living this way for close tio a decade. He frequently was seen walking his sheep through Ashland to the dismay of many towns people. They complained about the sheep’s dropping, claiming they were unsanitary. My friend came up with a way of collecting their droppings by attaching a little can to their back ends. Still, the city considered him and his two sheep an eyesore and past the ordinance. It is unfortunate to see so many people quick to Jude him as “homeless.” This has been a path he has chosen and he far from behaving like other homeless people, he doesn’t beg for food. He lives off the land for the most part and makes much of his own clothing from the wool. Unfortunately, I’m all too familiar with the mindset of people who have little to no tolerance or appropriation for individuals like him. He has a friend in me and he and his sheep are welcomed where I live.

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