The Mules and the Sacred Act of Walking

Mr. Squirrel enjoying the early morning and the Mules enjoying Mr. Squirrel enjoying the early morning.

The Mules don’t put their energy into buildings, nor do we place our energy into machines & as little as possible of our energy into man-made objects and products. Instead the most of our energy goes to the sacred act of walking and seeking and moving in harmony with the energies of the natural world. This is where we throw our chips. This is the wealth of our future.

Walk across your city, county, state, country.

Take your children in hand, sleep on the ground at night, let Earth’s energy revitalize you for the next day.

Use the public thoroughfare, public lands and public parks.

Awake in the morning, fix a simple breakfast for you and your children, set off on a journey through your town, meeting interesting and varied people along the way.

Give and receive energy from all around you. Be as you really are: a unique receiver, giver and distributor of energy that can only be done by yourself.

Create peace and freedom by the way you walk, the way you live, by the way you be.

The Mules know this that’s why we do this.


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Meeting a mule on my Sunday drive

While driving along a country road in my automobile, we came upon a mule walking in a leisurely fashion toward us. Becoming immediately curious and disconcerted as to this unusual circumstance in which was approaching us, I stopped my automobile, got out and asked the mule what he was doing walking alone along the Public Thoroughfare.

He graciously replied that he had the same right as myself guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land, to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and that walking along the Public Thoroughfare in a leisurely fashion exercising his constitutional rights and his responsibility to do so as a citizen of a free country was his means of pursuing happiness.

After listening to his reply, I became angry, confused and disoriented. After all, I being a AAA-rated member of a trans-humanized robotic AI controlled Smart City (stack and pack), I was finding myself on a lonely country road, standing outside of my Smart Car, talking to a mule.

Leaving your Smart Car without prior consent from the AI is prohibited and I knew there would surely be a punishment upon my return. The energy and light surrounding this mule was so strong, I was drawn out from my Smart Car before I could realize the consequences of my actions. I had but a short time left before the Smart Car would request my reentry and return to the Smart City.

I asked the mule where he was going. He said Everywhere. I asked where was he from. He said no where. I then asked the mule where was he staying with the hidden hope I would somehow find this mule once again. His reply struck me deep and to the bone.

“We stay wherever our feet be at any moment of time. Our feet are here right now. This is where we stay until we move to the next place and the next and the next. The mules practice and live true human freedom as only it can be done on earth, a place like no other, in a way thats unique and peculiar to ourselves. We beckon you to do the same.”

I have heard freedom on Earth spoken of before, but not giving it much thought for the AI kept my mind full and not allowing room for anything else that might challenge its program. The Smart Car beckoned my reentry and my return to the Smart City. As I was ushered back in the Smart Car to the Smart City, I could think of nothing else other than meeting Frank E. Boy, the Mule, and I knew my soul would never rest until I found this mule once again wandering alone along the public thoroughfare in his own leisurely way on a Sunday afternoon showing me the absolute value of freedom and a strong connection to a strong Natural World.

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A Merry Christmas and New year for Freedom on Earth

The Mules as they move and walk freely how they choose and when they choose are nearing the end of their journey through 2017 and continuing that journey into the New Year of 2018.

The wealth of the Mules is the energy created and harbored then to be used in the most mystical of ways to promote and enhance the art of human beings living on this beautiful earth with reverence and respect for all its inhabitants.

The Mules look forward as never before to the ongoing challenge to remain free against the on-slot of the manmade world and its ever increasing knowledge and use of technology which is threatening the freedom and very existence of human beings and our sacred ages old relationship with life on this earth.

The perimeter lines must clearly be drawn as to where the manmade world of glamor, glitz and endless discovery, cannot tread. Who better to draw these perimeter lines and maintain these lines than the Nation, the 3 Mules Nations, human beings of a like-mind using their ambassador at large, the 3 Mules, to set these boundaries.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

The Mules

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Fresno Bill B-40 Ordinance 2017-40

The Mules have become aware of Bill No. 40 and Ordinance 2017-40 entitled, Adding Article 17 to Chapter 10 of the Fresno Municipal Code relating to Unlawful Camping, which was passed by the Fresno City Council on August 24, 2017.

Section 10-1700 clearly states the purpose/reasons for the passage of this ordinance (2017-40). 

REASON #1: The use of Public areas within the city of Fresno should be accessible and available to residents and the PUBLIC. The use of public areas to store personal property interferes with the rights of others to use PUBLIC areas. 

3 Mules Response #1: Pictured are our belongings set on the ground demonstrating the use public space we take on any given night. There is 24 hours in a day. The Mules only claim space for approximately 8 hours during the night when most people are in their homes. This can hardly be construed as interfering with the rights of others to use a public area.

REASON #2: Health and Safety.

3 Mules Response #2: This law is casting a large net dragging the Mules into an area which we don’t belong. The law clearly states its purpose in being passed is to address the problem of people congregating in large numbers, pitching tents, and creating unhealthy conditions, such as accumulation of trash, defecation and urination, drugs, alcoholism, etc. The Mules travel alone, stay only for an 8 hour period at night in any one place, dispose of their waste in the most sanitary of ways practiced throughout the ages for thousands of years.

The Monk throws a tarp over himself, squats down, will defecate on the surface of the ground, dig a four-inch hole, and bury it if it’s applicable to do so; or, place in a bag, carry until an appropriate place is found to dispose. The Monk urinates in a plastic bottle then disposes contents in an appropriate place. Our method is similar to the suburban citizen who places their dog’s poop in a bag and disposes of it in an appropriate place.

The Monk carries a scoop, places the mule’s droppings into a bag and carries and disposes in an appropriate place. The Mules methods of waste disposal is by far superior in terms of health, efficiency and costs than the suburban model.

A citizen of the suburban model goes down the hall, turns to the left, enters an expensive, elaborate space surrounded by four walls, closes the door, sits down on a toilet defecates into a pipe that goes under the ground where it travels accumulating disease and toxicity as it makes its way to the sewage treatment plant, where it is treated with many chemicals that are toxic, then is released into the environment via creeks, rivers, etc.

The Mules and their response to public safety. The Mules threaten nobody. We’ve traveled the Western United States for the past 33 years and consecutively in California for the past five years. We’ve walked through San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and the towns in between and never hurt a soul. Our use of public areas has in no way ever created a public safety issue. We have a proven track record of 33 years living our nomadic way of life and bringing the value of that life to all the areas that we have passed though in our endless journey.

The above being understood, the Mules believe that no common sense mind could come to the conclusion that the Mules are a threat to Public Health and Safety or interfere with the rights of others to use public areas. The Mules have received nothing but positive energy from the people of Fresno as we have passed through many times before on our annual migratory journey. The Mules find it hard to believe that the 552,000 people who live in Fresno would see the Mules as a PUBLIC Nuisance, and would not want the Mules cited, taken to jail, heavily fined and the Monk and the Mule separated.

To use 2017-40 against the Mules and this ages old Nomadic way of life for things we do not do and things we are not is illegal. The Mules live under and have the same protections afforded by the Constitution guaranteeing the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the council members of Fresno. The right to life includes the basic function of sleeping and eating.

The Mules

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Who are these mules anyway?

Who are these Mules anyway? Well, we are not terrorists, Communists, Socialists, capitalists, anarchists, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals. The Mules are none of these nor do we want to be.

We are Mules born free, wander free and stay free. Living that way until we reach the end of our rope either by accident, natural causes or stealth.

We carry not the weapons of the Man-Made World (Megatropolis). Our weapon is our vision and the energy we give to it all day every day one step at a time. A vision of ever increasing intensity and possibility. A vision using energy and creativity to meet the challenges that appear before us as we continue our journey through the mist of time and space.

We are Mules. We belong to an ages old nomadic way of life.

We live in tune with this beautiful earth and reap benefits of which the imagination can only surmise.

We are Mules. We live with no regret. We live for and by the ever increasing intensity of our vision.

We are Mules. We are watched and followed by the energy of our ancestors.

We are Mules. We wander freely on earth.

We show one and all the magic and beauty of true freedom and the happiness bestowed on those who use it all day every day one step at a time.

The Mules

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The demise of the Natural World

The pictures tell a story, a story the Megatropolis prefers to hide and not be told. Buildings going up everywhere relentlessly are machines. They house many smaller machines, computers, air conditioners, printers, etc., etc. They’re surrounded by large pathways of asphalt built exclusively for moving machines / automobiles. All put together a massive machine leaving no space for human beings.

To be and remain human, the Mules must interact, intermingle with the Life of the Natural World as the pictures show the once strong Natural World is gone and replaced by machines (buildings).

As the Mules move through the Megatropolis, it is clear to us the machines will soon be taking care of themselves. The need for humanity will be over. All you need to do is look at the pictures. Where are the elk, deer, bears, salmon, lions, horses? They are gone. WHY? There is no space for them. They weren’t included in the scheme / plan and neither was the human race.

The Mules

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Morning Pondering

Once again up in the morning, a weak little man and a mule walking all day one step at a time with the energy and magic of a nation, a new nation, a nation being born, the 3 Mules Nation. Collecting, accumulating, harboring the energy of many dimensions, knowing that energy is the wealth of this new nation, 3 Mules Nation, which will materialize in the most magical and mysterious of ways to support this nation and all those who choose to harbor with in it.

The Mules

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How Little Girl got her name

One day twenty-four years ago, Little Girl had really gotten me mad. She was a super brat. Well, she flipped my switch and the last thing I screamed at her, “You’re just a little girl and you will never grow up! You’re always going to be a Little Girl.” Well since Lady retired, she has grown up and taken on Lady’s role. She is doing a great job.

Little Girl
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Happy Thanksgiving

The Mules give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day for this beautiful place called earth, the home of the human race. We give thanks to creation for all the animal companions who we enjoy and share this magical dance of energy and motion played out on the earthly stage. We give thanks for all the people we have met along the way and follow the 3 Mules page and peer through the window and watch and support the Mules on their endless journey using their God given right to move freely on earth. The Mules are all of us and we must be and remain free if we are to stay human.
Happy Thanksgiving.
The Mules

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Our Vision

We awoke this morning and fixed breakfast. While eating, we spotted two wild mules moving across the horizon. They were moving with a sense of direction and purpose. We became curious and decided to follow. As we got closer, we could see they were wearing halters. This we found strange for there were no signs of the man-made world (fences, walls, machines, dirty air, water and outrageous noise). The energy that was flowing through us gave us a strange sense of moving out of something and into something here to fore unknown.

We the Mules carry and contemplate a vision in our mind’s eye. A vision of millions of buffalo appearing upon the horizon. First we feel the vibration of ground beneath us – a sense of excitement and wonder surrounds us, then comes the sound that assures us that yes energy is intensifying and then we see millions of buffalos. Our knees buckle. We fall to the ground. We shake from the power of this vision materializing before us. Then we know we must keep walking. It’s the walking that makes stuff happen.

The Mules

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