Our Vision

We awoke this morning and fixed breakfast. While eating, we spotted two wild mules moving across the horizon. They were moving with a sense of direction and purpose. We became curious and decided to follow. As we got closer, we could see they were wearing halters. This we found strange for there were no signs of the man-made world (fences, walls, machines, dirty air, water and outrageous noise). The energy that was flowing through us gave us a strange sense of moving out of something and into something here to fore unknown.

We the Mules carry and contemplate a vision in our mind’s eye. A vision of millions of buffalo appearing upon the horizon. First we feel the vibration of ground beneath us – a sense of excitement and wonder surrounds us, then comes the sound that assures us that yes energy is intensifying and then we see millions of buffalos. Our knees buckle. We fall to the ground. We shake from the power of this vision materializing before us. Then we know we must keep walking. It’s the walking that makes stuff happen.

The Mules

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