Introducing Babe


Pictured is Babe, the Mule we have been given the use of her for as long as we need her by the owners Dan York and Sarah Christie. Dan and Sarah live on Wind Wolves Preserve, outside Bakersfield, where Babe has lived for about four years.

At 16 hands tall, Babe is an 11-year old black Molly mule out of a Tenessee Walker. She is the same age as Who Dee Do. Babe is very gentle and well trained. She’s been used for trail riding and light packing for the last 4 years, and was part of a professional pack outfit before that. She will make a great companion for us in our ongoing effort to bring a comprehensive multi-use trail system in this state and country. There is no good common sense reason for this not to happen.

So thank you Dan and Sarah and all the many people who have shown their kindness and support and given their hope, faith and energy in this extremely important effort. A vision that will give a real future to the generations to come. A vision that all can watch and contribute to. A vision of hope, faith and energy freely given. A vision of hope and faith intensifying energy that will materialize into a multi-use trail system.

The Mules

Little Girl, Lady and Babe
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