Bakersfield host family

When the Mules got into Bakersfield, we went to Tractor Supply looking for Pure Neats foot oil. As we returned to the mules, a lady named Lori was waiting with the mules. She introduced herself and her husband Chuck. She told us that she has been watching the 3 Mules page for many a year. Lori also told us how she contacted CHP and the District Attorney expressing her disgust anger as to the Mules illegal arrest and confinement.

The Mules thanked Lori for the energy of her effort on our behalf as well as the many others of the 3 Mules Nation who did likewise. For if the collective energy of the 3 Mules Nation had not been used, the Mules would right now be using the hacksaw blade we found in our pillow to saw through the bars and take our rightful place on the public thoroughfare showing all who pass our way, there is nothing more precious on this earth than true human freedom.

Lori told us she lived close by and we were welcome to stay the night. It was gettin close to that time so we gratefully accepted her offer. Her kids set up a make shift corral where the mules spent three comfortable nights. Thank you Lori and her nice family for the hospitality they showed the Mules.

Temporary coral set-up for the mules in front yard of Lori's home

As the picture shows it is very easy to accommodate an equestrian traveler as a guest in many suburban communities. These gated housing developments that are springing up everywhere are planned and engineered in such a way as to exclude most outside activity other than getting out of an automobile, walking 40 feet to the front door and going inside, which is the real purpose of an engineered gated community to keep you inside, isolated, dependent and addicted to the internet of things.

In an ever increasing number of cities and towns, city councils are being unduly influenced and pressured to pass ordinances, codes that make any free spontaneous activity in your neighborhood virtually impossible. The 3 mule journey and its nomadic ages old lifestyle pushes back all day every day, one step at a time, against this damning Megatropolis and its goal of disconnection, isolation from the Web of Life, the Natural World.

The Mules

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  1. We love the positive energy that the #3mules brings to communities! We are honored to belong to the #3mulesnation. We believe in and support the freedom that can be accomplished between a past way of life, the present way of life, and a future way of life through acceptance, accommodations, understanding, education, regulation, and accountability! The way of life lived by the Mules is a legal way of life. Unfortunately, because of a lack of education, acceptance, understanding, regulation, and accountability, they’ve been treated unfairly, harshly, and unjustly along the way. We’re hoping to change all that through public awareness events; continued support to the Mules; calls for action when the Mules have been targeted for unlawful arrests, detainers, and impounds; informative videos to educate; ongoing notifications to law enforcement regarding their legal obligations regarding equestrian rights and motorist’s duties, obligations, and responsibilities when encountering equine travelers; and notifications to CALTRANS regarding their responsibilities and duties to maintain safe and accessible access to all public thoroughfares! There’s no reason why everyone can’t #sharetheroad and accept the way of life of others who enjoy moving from town to town and waking up under the stars!

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