Martinez Arena

Yesterday we spent most of the day going south on San Fernando Road which got us to Martinez Arena in Griffith Park where we spent the night. The Mules always enjoy walking, traveling through the Los Angeles Megatropolis. There is a huge amount of energy harbored here. As we travel through this huge Megatropolis called Los Angeles meeting, talking and experiencing all the many people who have come from all over the world to live here, we marvel at the mysterious ways in which they find to live and work together. This creates a tremendous amount of energy. The Mules tap into it and use it to move freely along our way.

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Public Open Space – Closed at Dusk

Pictured are the gates to a public open space we passed by yesterday. The sign says closed at dusk – you better not be caught inside. Anybody in transit traveling in this country by wheelchair, crutches, backpacking, bicycle or walking, riding with their animal companions must have the use of public space to stop and rest for the night. To deny them this space is to take away the right to move freely in this country. A right that so many in this country have given life and limb to protect and preserve.
Watch the Mules. We use and exercise this right all day every day. We have to. Without it, our ages old nomadic way will cease. The Mules consider it to be an honor to be in service to this most cherished right. We honor those who have given life and limb for it by the way we live. THANK YOU.

The Mules

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The Mules and the Megatropolis

Watch the Mules and the Megatropolis in this ages old struggle going on between them. The Mules have walked over, around, under and through every Megatropolis (empire) that has ever been. To the interested and observant eye, this ages old struggle will provide many answers to many questions. It will show new pathways that heretofore have never been seen or imagined. Create a vision in your mind in the depth of your soul a strong healthy Natural World consequently a strong healthy, happy human race. Live that vision, give your energy to that vision and experience the magic of stuff happening.

The Mules

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Introducing Babe


Pictured is Babe, the Mule we have been given the use of her for as long as we need her by the owners Dan York and Sarah Christie. Dan and Sarah live on Wind Wolves Preserve, outside Bakersfield, where Babe has lived for about four years.

At 16 hands tall, Babe is an 11-year old black Molly mule out of a Tenessee Walker. She is the same age as Who Dee Do. Babe is very gentle and well trained. She’s been used for trail riding and light packing for the last 4 years, and was part of a professional pack outfit before that. She will make a great companion for us in our ongoing effort to bring a comprehensive multi-use trail system in this state and country. There is no good common sense reason for this not to happen.

So thank you Dan and Sarah and all the many people who have shown their kindness and support and given their hope, faith and energy in this extremely important effort. A vision that will give a real future to the generations to come. A vision that all can watch and contribute to. A vision of hope, faith and energy freely given. A vision of hope and faith intensifying energy that will materialize into a multi-use trail system.

The Mules

Little Girl, Lady and Babe
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The Old Ridge Route

Little Girl, Lady and Babe walking on Old Ridge Route Road

Pictures we took while walking the Old Ridge Route Road between Gorman and Castaic. It was the main road out of Los Angeles into the Central Valley.

Its construction was accomplished with the help of hundreds of our longtime friends and partners in life, the Mule.

As the mule demonstrated its extreme worth in the days of yesteryear, they have now mysteriously created a new role for themselves as the carriers of a message to necessitate and spread the absolute need for balance between the Natural World and the man made world.

The Mules have been setting posts of energy as they travel through the state. We’ve set a post at the Golden Gate Bridge, a post in Mendocino County, a post in Imperial Beach, the southern most destination of our migratory journey, and a post in Griffith Park where the mountain lion presides. As these posts continue to be set, the energy created by hope, faith and energy freely given will flow to these between and around them. That energy will beam out and permeate every square inch of this state.

Stuff will happen like the wolf pack showing up in Northern California, the land bridge for wildlife across the interstate in Los Angeles, and the California state government acknowledging the absolute need for a comprehensive trail system.

It is all about energy – your energy. Learning that then accumulating and acquiring it by giving your hope and faith that energy will materialize into what you need. As the message the Mules carry continues to intensify with an understanding that a strong, healthy Natural World is essential to the wellbeing and happiness of the human race. People will give their personal energy for that end. Change will come – real change. Out of that energy will come the answers of how to. It’s all about energy materializing into what we need.

The Mules

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