David Travelli cycling 30,000 kilometers Alaska to Patagonia

A few days ago, the Mules stopped to talk to this gentleman named Davide Travelli riding his fully loaded touring bicycle south. We asked him the same questions that we receive all the time: “Where are you from?” “Where are you going?” He is from Italy and has embarked on a long journey across the Americas (North, Central and South). On August 13, 2015, he started cycling in Alaska and is following the 30,000-kilometers (19,000-miles) Panamerican Highway to Patagonia in the southern end of South America. The Mules wish Davide the best and plan to follow his journey on his website http://alaska2patagonia.com/

UPDATE MARCH 24, 2018: 954 days later, Davide has now reached Ushuaia, Argentina, in the southern tip of South America. Davide plans to travel through Africa next. The 3 Mules say thank you to Davide Travelli and his magnificent journey showing one and all true human freedom as it can only be practiced on this earth and not on Mars, moon or an astroid. Human freedom exists where human beings belong, the Earth.

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San Clemente, CA – Part I

Yesterday we were walking along the Pacific Coast Highway going towards San Clemente and a Lady slowed her vehicle and asked if we were doing alright. We responded we were. About thirty minutes later, Karen was standing on the bike path in front of us. So we stopped and had a friendly conversation. Karen said her grandfather had a mule and she loved mules.

Karen asked us where we were going to spend the night. We said we didn’t know. She said we could stay the night in her backyard. We said the Mules would tear it up if it was landscaped. She said her neighbor Debbie had eight acres and she would ask her. Debbie said yes, so the Mules walked a couple of miles to Debbie’s house and spent the night.

In the morning, Debbie and Karen went and bough the kids some hay. So the Mules say thank you to Karen, Debbie, Tiffany, Sabrina and Adam for giving their kindness and support to the Mules as they continue the journey of bringing the light, shining the light, spreading the light of the Natural World into the man-made world (Megatropolis).

The Mules

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Westminster, California

Zanie and Vincent with the Mules

Last Saturday, the Mules waited in front of Westminster Walmart store for the arrival of Mary and Earl who answered our request that we made on Facebook for horseshoes. As the kids were grazing along the street while we were waiting, Vincent came and introduced himself and we talked a bit. He told us that he didn’t live far away and we were welcome to come over and take a rest. We told him that we were waiting for somebody to bring horseshoes. Vincent then left, but returned a short time afterwards with hay. 

After we met with Mary, we decided to accept Vincent’s offer to rest a bit. We warned him that the mules would tear apart his nice manicured lawn. He said no problem and that he wasn’t worried about it. We took the packs off the mules and spent the day in Vincent and Zanie’s front yard grazing.

During this time, the neighbors and kids came over and enjoyed the mules. When the end of the day came, a neighbor across the street volunteered that the mules could go in his fenced backyard for the night. So the mules were kept safe in the fenced backyard with Bermuda grass to eat and water to drink, while I spent the night on Vincent’s front lawn.

Thank you to Vincent, Zanie, and their neighbors for the great hospitality to the Mules. We give thanks for the energy given by all the kind people we meet along our never ending journey through the mystery of time and space.

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Thanksgiving Day and the Mules

We give thanks for the energy given by all the kind people we meet along our never ending journey through the mystery of time and space. We give thanks for our constitutional right to do so. We give thanks to all those who gave Life and Limb to protect the right to go how you choose, when you choose, where you choose. The Mules give thanks for being able to live in service to this sparkling jewel turning mystically in space we call Earth. ~The Mules

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Kind souls helped the 3 Mules soles

Mary Carbone, Westminster, CA with Little Girl, Babe and Lady

Back in 2014 while walking along La Palma Avenue, the Mules met Mary and Earl Carbone. Mary took some pictures and asked questions as to our journey, then wrote an article for the Orange County Register published March 12, 2014. (Click here for article.)

Yesterday, we posted our need for horseshoes and Mary and Earl responded.

Upon meeting up with her and Earl in front of Walmart, we remembered our initial meeting with them.

Thank you Earl and Mary for the kindness and support you showed the Mules with the much needed horseshoes.

~The Mules

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Introducing Babe


Pictured is Babe, the Mule we have been given the use of her for as long as we need her by the owners Dan York and Sarah Christie. Dan and Sarah live on Wind Wolves Preserve, outside Bakersfield, where Babe has lived for about four years.

At 16 hands tall, Babe is an 11-year old black Molly mule out of a Tenessee Walker. She is the same age as Who Dee Do. Babe is very gentle and well trained. She’s been used for trail riding and light packing for the last 4 years, and was part of a professional pack outfit before that. She will make a great companion for us in our ongoing effort to bring a comprehensive multi-use trail system in this state and country. There is no good common sense reason for this not to happen.

So thank you Dan and Sarah and all the many people who have shown their kindness and support and given their hope, faith and energy in this extremely important effort. A vision that will give a real future to the generations to come. A vision that all can watch and contribute to. A vision of hope, faith and energy freely given. A vision of hope and faith intensifying energy that will materialize into a multi-use trail system.

The Mules

Little Girl, Lady and Babe
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Ventana Wilderness – Rancho Salsipuedes

Three Mules and one monk were walking south through Fort Hunter Liggett on a road bordering the Los Padres National Forest when a gentleman by the name of Timothy Bottoms stopped his Jeep, got out, introduced himself and asked if the kids needed water or hay for he had brought some. The monk responded, “No. We are okay. Thank you.”
He then invited us to his ranch to take a break. We said yes that would be nice. So we walked to his ranch, which is surrounded by the Ventana Wilderness, and took a break.
Tim asked if we needed anything in the way of supplies, gear, etc. The monk responded with a yes. Our pack boxes were over 25 years old and worn to the bone. Tim said he would be glad to help so he did by supplying us with four new pack boxes.

Who Dee Do

Who Dee Do, our third mule will be staying at Tim’s ranch. He never became easy for me to shoe. He had to be sedated and that was not a practical scheme for us walking through the Megatropolis.

Who Dee Do will be living with Tim’s horses and mules, a great place for Who Dee Do to live.

The Mules say thank you to Timothy Bottoms for his kindness and support he has shown the mules, the identifiers of this ages old nomadic way of life living with respect and reverence for this beautiful place called Earth, the home of human beings. ~The Mules

About Rancho Salsipuedes: “Nestled in the verdant, peaceful valley, stands the thick adobe walls of the Mission San Antonio de Padua’s Portreros Mulos built by the caretaker friar and several neophytes…it established ranch support for the mission mules.

After secularization in 1834, the property came under the private ownership of Vicente Avile, who purchased the drought stricken Rancho for the stately sum of $13, all he had in his pocket. The Rancho remained in the family estate for over one hundred years.

The Avila Ranch, a 160-acre homestead, became known as Salsipuedes (“get out if you can”), which was later sold to Timothy Bottoms in 1975 as a family refuge.”

On the ranch is an old stone cabin and oven built sometime in late 1800s/early 1900s.

The trails surrounding the property are very difficult to travel and impassable with overgrown brush and fallen trees. During the time we were waiting for our pack boxes to arrive, we spent our time clearing these trails.

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Gonzales, California

The Mules stayed in the city of Gonzales last night. Got up this morning and fixed breakfast. While packing up the Mules, a number of residents came by and welcomed us to their town. We then delivered the DOE and MCL to the Gonzales City Hall.

Thank you to the town of Gonzales for making the Mules’ walk through your town a pleasant one.

The Mules

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Salinas, California

On Monday September 14, the Mules arrived in Salinas, California. We spent most of our time in the northern portion of the city at El Gabilan Library on Main Street to charge our electronics and catch up on things.

A few days prior to arriving in Salinas, I received a message from Diana Kunz, who stated that she worked at Alisal High School and asked if the Mules would consider meeting her students while in Salinas. We said yes. She said that she would double check with the main teacher. On Monday afternoon, Ms. Kunz met up with the Mules at the El Gabilan Library and we agreed that the Mules would be at Central Park the next day at 11am to meet her class.

This morning, we got up from our spot that we spent the night in Salinas, stopped by Salinas City Hall to deliver the Declaration of Emergency and then proceeded to Central Park less than a mile away. The Mules enjoyed meeting Ms. Terry Johnson and Ms. Kunz’s Alisal High School students and answering their questions. My three kids behaved themselves and seemed to enjoy the attention given to them by the class.

This is the second time the Mules have been invited to speak with a school and we enjoyed having the opportunity to share our ages old way of life. The first time was with Anacapa School in Santa Barbara back in March 2015. Thank you Ms. Kunz for reaching out to us.

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Las Lomas, California

Little Girl in front of Watsonville City Hall

After delivering the DOE to Watsonville City Hall and spending a couple hours at the public library to charge our electronics, we left downtown Watsonville around 4:30 pm yesterday. We got to Highway G12 going south towards Salinas grazing along the road when Lucy and Santiago stopped and asked us, “Where are you going?”

We responded, “Everywhere.”

“But where?”

“San Diego.”

They wanted to know where we were going to spend the night. We didn’t know. Lucy said that we could stay at their ranch in Las Lomas, and we accepted their invitation.

Thank you Lucy and Santiago for your kindness and support that you’ve shown this place of one human being walking/riding with his or her animal companions through the endless magic and mystery of time and space.

The Mules

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