The Mules and Their Mythology

On a warm summer’s day many thousands of years ago, the Mules were crossing a wide open valley where they had stopped to graze and rest a bit. Then all of a sudden the sky became a brilliant blue like the mules had never seen before. All the plants grasses rocks and trees suddenly became multi-dimensional and intense.

The Mules stood in awe at what they were experiencing. Then the Mules realized they were in the presence of God. The Mules looked to the left and then to the right and they saw all their fellow companions Grizzly, Elk, Badger, Skunk, Eagle, Salmon, whom they shared their lives on Earth with coming in and around them.

The Mules and the animal kingdom stood in awe and waited for what was to come then God spoke. God said, “Mules, you’ve been here on Earth long enough I offer you the gates to heaven.”

All the spectating members of the animal kingdom became extremely saddened because they did not want to lose the energy and company of their longtime companions. The Mules then spoke back to God, “No we do not seek the gates to heaven for we love the earth so much we can never conceive not being here.”

The bright blue intense sky lost its unusual luster and the intensity felt by the Mules diminished. God’s presence had left abruptly. Many days had come to pass and the Mules once again were grazing another long beautiful valley contemplating the Majesty of this place where they found themselves forever wanting to be.

Then all of a sudden as before the sky became a brilliant lustrous blue and an embracing force of intensity surrounded the Mules and all the animal kingdom which had come once again to witness this encounter between God and the Mules a long period of a mystifying calm ensued.

Then God spoke, “Mules, I’ve created this place in which you can reside, prosper and enjoy this Natural World and its web of Life which I have created. You the Mules will be required to live with love, respect and reverence all day every day one step at a time for my creation. Show all those who pass through this earthly dimension the extreme importance to themselves and their future to maintain the integrity and well-being of Life on this Earth, a place you the Mules have chosen to stay.” God then said to Mules, “Deal or no deal?”

The Mules replied without hesitation, “Deal.”

So this is how the Mules many thousands of years ago became to be and reside in this place. A place for anybody and everybody who wishes to stay on Earth and give all their energy to God’s creation by the sacred act of walking all day every day one step at a time

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30 thoughts on “The Mules and Their Mythology”

  1. Just beautiful… I saw you slowly walking along Sierra highway in-between Rosamond and Mojave, it’s such a beautiful stretch of a valley, so sacred… You were the magical and very real sight I needed to see on that day! Safe travels!

  2. The work you do is important and so appreciated. The energy you leave behind is breathtaking. Sending our heartfelt appreciation your way today! Just wanted to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work you do day after day, step after step. For all you do—and for the kind, thoughtful way you do it—thank you.

    1. Saw you today walking with just one mule .. On Ft. Tejon Road in Llano, CA…. Good to see you.

  3. Just saw you in La habra, feels like I’ve been in a cell for a long time. It was good to see you, it set me free.

  4. I just saw you 10 minutes ago and i was in shock because i have never seen a person walk with two mules. Me and two others saw you pass by us and we called you the wandering trader from minecraft. Now I will take a walk and appreciate the outside world god has given us.

    1. They were in front of my house this morning and you know what they made my day I feel so rejuvenated if that makes sense

  5. I first heard of you when you passed through Lake County in N. California
    A photo of you was posted on social media. Many were making noise, stating that what you do is against the law, dangerous, yadda yadda. I read about you and became a fan.

  6. I was in Morgan Hill Cal on October 20th 2021 when I saw you walking your amazing crew down Monterey Road.

    I grew up in New Almaden and I had many Mule friends., I thought to myself “Wow I haven’t seen this in a Long Tine”!

    Then, I was driving to work on Saturday October 30th when I saw you walking down Mission Street in San Miguel Cal. I stopped my car because I couldn’t believe my eyes! You had walked 120 miles! If I wasn’t late to work I would’ve stopped and said Hi!

    Keep doing what your doing! God bless 🙏

  7. My daughter and I just met you and the mules as you walk by our house on Curtner Ave, San Jose. We feel so honored. God bless you and the mules. Safe travels!

  8. We just saw you in Palo Alto, California walking with your companions and hope you have an amazing journey wherever life takes you 💗 keep doing you and mat our paths cross again sometime in this lifetime!

  9. I love this! You guys are awesome!
    God bless you all with a safe journey!
    I wish I can see you travel through my neighborhood.

  10. I saw you 3 today in Dixon. At first I was concerned as the road seemed somewhat dangerous, but my friend sent me the link to your story. They are so beautiful and i feel honored that I got to admire you today . Be safe and enjoy your journey. I’d love to see you again someday 😌

  11. It was a pleasure to have “A Mule” and his two companions, stop in front of our ranch today in Ophir, CA. Although, he only stayed a few minutes (long enough to let his companions graze), it seemed as if I’d known him all my life. He had missed his turn by about a half a mile, but it didn’t seem to bother him.

    It was so refreshing to hear him talk about his companions, and where he originally came from here in California, and with the few words he spoke you could tell he was a genuine and sincere traveler. I haven’t seen many like him, and I doubt I will see many more! Once again, I extend the invite should you sir ever get this way again please stop in here at the old J.V. Ranch.
    I’d love to show pictures of my great grandfather and his pack mule trains that traveled the mountains of Placer County hauling goods.

  12. I saw you twice today in Atwater, California! I also saw a post on Facebook where you were reported to animal control and the Merced County Sheriffs Department was happy to report you and your animals were safe. Keep traveling and living your dream!

  13. I saw you twice as you walked along Niblick, then Golden Hill in Paso Robles last week, June 2021. It was a wonderful sighting. My NAI ancestors would have honored you as you walk through our land. I honor you and the MULES on your journey.

  14. Hello my son had football training in Moreno Valley, we saw you in a field. I googled the website and learned about what you do, keep living life ane and exploring you truly are living free.

    1. My decendants were Travelers of the Old Spanish Trail from New Mexico to Caifornia in 1838. They couldn’t of made it without the mules, that carried provisions for 1,700 miles. God Bless the MULES.

  15. Thank you so much for this information! It is clear you are in touch with a powerful force much needed in this time of transition and chaos, reminding us of the wonder of this world!

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