SEEKING: 1000 Denier Nylon Tarp 75″ x 105″

Everything the Mules and Monk carry in our nomadic, minimalistic lifestyle that we’ve been living for over thirty years has specific purposes and must meet specific criteria that must withstand the test of time and the harsh elements we face living outside all day every day. Harsh elements include weather resistance to hot/cold temperatures and rain, abrasion and tear resistance from tree branches, brush and jagged rocks when the Mules walk against them, dust resistance for our electronics, and break and leak resistance for our canisters that hold our liquids (water, cooking oil, gas).

About seven years ago, I had this 1000 denier nylon tarp custom-made in Arizona with specific dimensions measuring 75-inches by 105-inches. I don’t remember where I ordered the nylon or who custom sewed to these dimensions, else I would be returning to them. Our current tarp is worn out and needs to be replaced.

We use this tarp for many applications. The main application is to cover our top load while traveling against the scraping of brush and trees and to protect our gear by holding it together in place and protecting it from the elements when we travel. It is also used as a ground cloth when we sleep with or without a tent.

Can anybody out there make us a green-colored, 1000 denier nylon tarp measuring 75″ X 105″ (8’9″ X 6’3″) with 1/4-inch grommets on all four corners and on the middle of each side? Color preference is green, tan, brown or grey, not black as that would absorb and retain too much heat. This is not a size that we can simply purchase at a hardware store. If so, please message us with total cost (material, labor and shipping to California), time to deliver, and contact info. Thank you. ~The Mules

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