Mr. Chen Guan Ming, Nomad, 1956-2017

Mr. Chen, the gentleman from China who rode his bicycle all over the world pulling all his belongings behind him was killed a few days ago by an automobile. His journey in this worldly dimension ended. But ended in the most beautiful of ways as the true and stellar nomad living in harmony on this Earth with respect and reverence for all its habitants.

The Mules and all nomads moving under their own power whether by foot, bicycle, or horseback all over the world harbor tremendous gratitude for the journey and life of Mr. Chen. The tremendous accumulation of energy which was created from the journey and life of Mr. Chen will be forever available in the most hardest of times to all nomads throughout the world.

Mr. Chen was a stellar example showing the extreme value of this ages old Nomadic way of life. The Nomads know that Mr. Chen will once again materialize in the most mysterious and magical of ways. We await for his return.

The Mules

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