Every day is Earth Day

Living outside, being outside is now being put forth by the Megatropolis (the man-made world) and its agencies of enforcement as a criminal offense. Anybody doing so is subject to being cited with mandatory appearance in criminal court before a judge and heavily fined with possible jail time.

The Megatropolis is hiding this fact, keeping it under the table for now, but the laws are in place, and ready to be used on anybody exercising their God given and constitutional right to do so.

The Megatropolis is working to shape public opinion to accept the idea that the only legitimate way to be outside is in a recreational type venue and nothing else. Unless you are willing to conform to the blue print put forward by the Megatropolis of automobile use and living within the constraints of four walls, you will be declared a public nuisance, as I was classified in San Luis Obispo by the city manager, city council, police chief and San Luis Obispo Tribune.

As the Mules wander and roam outside in the Natural World, the inevitable consequences of doing so is to shed light and focus attention on exactly what is happening to our freedom and our connection to nature. The Mules show people on Facebook and the 3mules.com website in a real way what is being done and how it works, so that you become aware and can contemplate the consequences for yourself and your children.

For the 3 Mules, every day is Earth Day.

Lady and Little Girl – where we stopped to rest
Who Dee Doo, Lady and Little Girl
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