Crack in the Wall

As the 3 Mules and the monk live outside all day every day, wild mustard greens is an integral part of our food source.

When we were walking the other day through the Megatropolis (the man-made world), we saw this bit of wild mustard green growing through the crack between the sidewalk and the wall.

We took a picture of this image because it symbolizes our life.

The wall is the Megatropolis and the ever increasing space it is taking for its use only – designing and building that space for nothing else but its high speed machines. The mustard greens broke through a crack in the wall and established a foothold in creating a new home for themselves like they could never before have imagined. The crack in the wall is a space to be alive and exist.

The 3 Mules are creating their own space in a space that is being claimed by the Megatropolis, in which regulators create laws and codes to de-legitimize us mules living outside.

For the past thirty years, the 3 Mules have been on a true journey challenging us to give all our faith, hope and energy to a cause that will bring our survival to a level we can only now imagine.

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