Hwy 101/Gilroy

Regarding Arrest near Gilroy on August 31, 2013

Mule’s Audio Recording:

101 Hwy arrest spot

Southbound on Hwy. 101 near Gilroy where arrest occurred. Note the dustpan that is used to clean up after the mules.

Citation - smudged

Citation issued by CHP for “disobeying the lawful order of a peace officer.”

Handcuffed in court

Mule appearing in court with public defender.

Mules at court

Mules after release from Santa Clara County Superior Court in Morgan Hill.

Judge Jerome Nadler

Judge Jerome Nadler who dismissed the case based on arrest being invalid. Citation was for “disobeying the lawful order of a peace officer” when Mule refused to leave the highway. The judge determined that the Mules had a legal right to be on the highway and therefore could not be ordered to leave.

Officer Report P1 - smudged

CHP Officers Report – page 1

Officer Report P2 - smudged

CHP Officer’s Report – page 2

Disclosure Authorization for Advocacy Project

Disclosure Authorization for Patients Rights Advocacy

Disclosure Authorization Advocacy Project (back)

Disclosure Authorization for Patient Rights Advocacy – p. 2

Court Doc 9.5.13smudged

Court Document of Release 9-12-13






Certification Review Hearing Findings smudged

Certification Review Hearing Findings regarding regarding Section 5250 14-day involuntary treatment a person described a “gravely disabled.” . It was determined that “Mr. Sears has not been prescribed any medications nor has he displayed any signs of a mental illness.”

Notice of Certification smudged

First Notice of Certification from the jail’s psychiatric ward for involuntary 3-day treatment (Section 5150).

court dismissal detail

Final Court Dismissal




Animal Shelter bill- smudged

Animal Shelter charges for impounded mule.

Knnel Card for Pepper

Kennel Card for Pepper

Kennel Card for Little Girl

Kennel Card for Little Girl

Kennel Card for Lady

Kennel Card for Lady