Letters to the Mules

In addition to many comments posted on the 3 Mules Facebook page, the Mules receive many e-mails. Here are some of the e-mails that we receive.  We appreciate reading these letters. Those that give faith, hope and energy to this place at which time connect to it and receive the magic and endless possibility of infinity.

“Bless you, John Sears (“Mule”) and your wonderful companions. You have chosen a very special way to give honor to all that Mother Earth & our animal companions provide. May you continue without harm & find much joy & happiness in meeting the challenges of daily living. ~Mary, 10/24/2016

Edith and the Mules in Bakersfield

Edith and the Mules in Bakersfield

“It was so rewarding to see you and the mules today in Bakersfield. Finally I got to meet you all in person. Safe travel always. ~Edith H., Bakersfield, CA 10/21/2016

“We met today. Thank you for stopping today and letting me pet the mules. ~Joanne, Fresno, CA 10/10/2016

“A few years past, you were in Escondido, CA spending the night next to my oil distribution plant. I met you and the mules. Been following your travels ever since. May you and the mules continue in good health on your journey. ~Bob S, Escondido, CA 10/7/2016

“Dear Friend, I am taking the liberty to call you friend because I deeply admire your lifestyle and insight in life and feel as though I know you. I run a donkey rescue in Southern Arizona just NW of Tucson and have a passion for not only donkeys and mules but all of nature. My husband and I live a very simplistic and purposeful off the grid lifestyle surrounded only by our animals and wildlife. Should you ever be traveling in our direction and need a place to rest your animals (and yourself as well) please keep our open invitation in mind. Best wishes to you and the critters. ~Sandy, Southern Arizona 9/15/2016

“Your journeys: I am writing to let you know that if you are ever near Carlton Oregon (about 36 miles southwest of Portland), I have plenty of room for you to set up camp for yourself and the mules to recharge. I have a barn that only houses a couple cats now and then and your mules could also have shelter and recharge. Water is accessible and there is running water in the barn. I also have my own small orchard and you are welcome to pick pears/apples as you need them. I so admire what you are doing and hope that your story travels as far as you do! Best wishes for fair weather and good health to all of you! ~Peg K., Carlton, OR 8/24/2016

“Good day to you Mule. My daughter and I saw you at the post office yesterday right before noon and I wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are to everyone. Bless you and the mules and continue to inspire people especially the young! ~Marlene W., Fresno, CA 6/26/2016

“We have sikh temples, in almost every town and you can stop by try Indian food, and also will not have any problem for your mules to stay. I can send you address of the nearest Sikh temples. You are one tough person and your animals out in these hot, sunny days. We are proud of you, good job. ~Shaminder D., Visalia, CA 6/25/2016

“Hey Monk, hope you’re doing well. I love your way of life and your philosophy. I am 26, living in southern California and have had it with the modern unthinking mode of living promoted here! I’m giving/throwing away my clutter tonight to live a purposeful life. No matter where I went or how much money I accumulated, despite my college degrees, the feeling of heartbreak and frustration has only grown more intense for the past few years. I’m so glad I read your blog, and others who are living free too. You give me confidence that it’s possible to live in accordance with nature and my own heart.

Are you interested in Buddhism or the old Druidic way?

Living rightly is the philosopher’s duty in this world, and I would like to shoot the breeze with you someday about whatever. I’ll be wandering the coast until I wander somewhere else, but I do hope to meet you along the way brother. Take care Monk and Mules!
~Sean., Southern California 6/17/2016

“I just saw the news of your Declaration on The Long Riders’ Guild page and from there found your website. Thank you for your work to keep equestrian travel legal! I am preparing for my own 48 state ride, most of which will be along roads, and without a doubt I will also need to stop to rest in public places. It is a terrible shame that law enforcement of so many areas treat this as illegal. In planning my route I tried to find laws pertaining to the legalities of equine travel, and had to reroute a few times to avoid “no horse zones” such as certain parts of National Parks, etc. ~Meredith C., 6/16/2016

“I started following you guys on Facebook. I’m a packer in the Sierra Nevada. Thank you for living with your mules. It’s such a bond that develops when you can be with them every day. It’s been the constant in my life, earth, love, my animals. They have given me so much and asked for nothing in return. You are an inspiration. ~Beth L, Sierra Nevada, CA 6/14/2016

“God bless you Bro! I read your statement of freedom and movement on how we as USA citizens and taxpayers have rights by default to travel and use the ways and lands designated as ‘public’. As an avid bicycle rider and swimmer, I am confounded by all the totalitarian laws placed on highways and public lakes and rivers. If you and I are automatically and lawfully forced to fund the maintenance and oversight of these lands and waters, we better also be allowed to travel on them. At least in the Middle Ages, the King and nobles did not try to smooth talk and say the areas were off limits for safety and public good. The Lords of old would just say out my forest or I out you to the Sword as my Blood is more Danegeld than your chattel self. Cheers and keep moving through and using our lands as a good steward does. Bravo with your Declaration of Emergency!! ~Count Roland via Instagram 6/14/2016

“I just wanted to say I was hiking yesterday up in the Wind Wolves Preserve, where I came across your camp. I saw your chests with your website 3mules.com written on it. Really interesting what you do, I’m very impressed. I passed by two of your mules as well. I definitely was NOT expecting to see them, haha! ~Jake, CA 6/2/2016

“Giday 3 mules. I am from Australia. I would like to let you know of a book I am reading. Beneath Whose Hand, the Autobiography of R.M.Williams. I am sure you will find it most interesting. R.M.W packed camels all over outback Australia in his younger years. He talks of the National Bicentennial Trails. A trail that covers the distance from top of Queensland travels though New South Wales and down into Victoria high country. You way of life is amazing. I hope you and the mules have your safe travels by foot on Earth. My friend and I have done a few portions of NBT with our horses. We are in the process of acquiring pack gear so as we can travel further and stay overnight. ~Yantha K., Australia 5/29/2016

"John, I just wanted to thank you for the pleasure of walking a couple of miles with you today in Eagle Rock. Look forward to meeting again." - George Gerdes, 5/4/16

“John, I just wanted to thank you for the pleasure of walking a couple of miles with you today in Eagle Rock. Look forward to meeting again.” ~ George Gerdes, 5/4/16

“Here is to your case turning out in your favor. Several years ago, I saw you and the mules traveling down Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. I have been following you since. You are doing all of us a great service. ~Deborah J, Pasadena, CA 5/5/2016

“Your Quest Hi, I saw you this morning near the airport on Vineland in North Hollywood. I just saw you on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank. Your lifestyle is simple and I admire that. I hope you find shelter every night for the rest of time. Say hi to the mules.” ~Jill, Burbank, CA 4/29/2016

“Just read your story in the Daily Dot and couldn’t resist putting it up in my little paper. From the hills of Donegal in Ireland we send all blessings and safe travel. Cheers!” ~Miles, Donegal, Ireland 4/17/2016

“Hello Mules! I just found out about you and your mules from a friend of mine. I have to say, I love what you are doing. We live in an absolutely beautiful world and we should all get out and explore it! Thank you for doing this! You and your mules have put a smile on my face and in my heart! I live in Salinas, CA. I hope you can stop by again sometime on your journey! I’d love to get a picture with all of you! Hope you all have a great day! Keep on keeping on!” ~Laura B, Salinas, CA 2/19/2016

Message received on 3 Mules Facebook page on 5/3/2016 from Fan T., Los Angeles, CA

Message received on 3 Mules Facebook page on 5/3/2016 from Fan T., Los Angeles, CA

“Yesterday coming back from surfing I drove by and saw the 3mules.com. Spent the night checkin gout the YouTube content, blog posts and Facebook. Today on my way back to surf, I saw 3 Mules down passing Somis near Camarillo. I pulled over, was stoked to see you guys again, offered a banana and 20 bucks, thanked for the spiritual message and wished you a happy journey. I always feel inspired by free souls. “ ~Jr Zamora, 1/21/2016

“I saw you in Moorpark on January 19, 2016. I thought “What on earth? Three mules? You don’t see that everyday.” I looked up your website from reading it off your pack box. I was so intrigued that I rushed home to get a couple of bags of carrots, bottled water, canned goods and loaded them into a bag to give to you. But when I came back, you were gone! I was so upset that I drove all over the neighborhood til I found you again. You seem like a worldly and kind man.. And I just wanted you to know that you brightened my day! I will be following you on your website and I will put you and the mules in my prayers. Happy Travels, Fellow human being!” ~Leslie K., Moorpark, CA, 1/19/2016

“I saw you yesterday on Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley. I instantly felt humbled and thrilled to see you ambling west, in the late afternoon sun. Three lovely animals and a cheerful-looking dude, all impressively outfitted, going somewhere. And now I know where, why and how. The glimpse itself, and now the full picture. Thank you. A special human endeavor.” ~Ruth D., Simi Valley, CA, 1/13/2016

“Today as I was driving up Figueroa in Highland Park I saw you and your mules walking towards Colorado Blvd. We usually don’t see mules taking a stroll in our neck of the woods. To be honest, I was a little concerned as the mules looked pretty weary. Since then I’ve been reading about you and your beloved mules. Very interesting. I admire your resiliance and curiosity about this world we live in. Good luck and safety in your many journeys. ~Jeanne H., Highland Park, CA, 1/3/2016

Roger and his mule Tom Dooley in 1999

Roger and his mule Tom Dooley

“I love your journey, thanks for sharing. My mom is a mule woman and she lives in Idaho and has been following your trip. If my dad were still alive he would be thrilled to have met you, he quite often took a small string of mules to the Sierra Nevadas and would travel for weeks in solitude. This is my dad Roger and his mule Tom Dooley in 1999. Okay, safe travels and have a blessed day. If you come this way and need anything please let me know. My family would be happy to help in any way.” ~Julia E., Fallbrook, CA 12/19/2015

Photo Credit: Margit and Peter

Photo Credit: Margit and Peter

“We both are Germans and actually travelling with a rented motorhome till 5th of January, in moment we are not for away from Tucson, Arizona. We saw you on 15th of December at Chula Vista near San Diego. You was so interesting for us, that we took a foto and we made the mistake, that we didn’t stopped and talked with you. Here is foto from that day,  our best wishes to you and your further trip. Our best greetings.” ~Margit + Peter, Germany 12/18/2015

“May your trails be lined with the memories of being out in the open air.” ~Jillian R, 11/23/2015

Lisa 112315Hi there, you just came by our house on Main Street in Orange. We had no idea who you were. We saw the website on your pack bags and immediately came to read up on your mission and why there were was a man with mules walking down the street (not something we see every day, and just a beautiful sight). I wanted to share with you this photo my son took of your 3 mules in front of our house. If I had known your mission, instead of standing there staring in awe, I will have offered water to the mules and yourself for that matter. I apologize for being oblivious, I’m sure you could have used it. I wish you a very eventful trip through our beautiful county of Orange. I am now a follower and hope to see you again….I will not make the same mistake again! Best wishes.” ~Lisa, Orange, CA 11/23/2015

“Thank you Mules for sharing your time with my family and neighbors. You have touched our hearts. Always feel welcome to come home for some rest and good eats. Thank you again brother.” ~Vincent L, Westminster, CA 11/22/2015

I saw you on the road today twice going through Castaic and I was so happy to see someone walking with animals. Me and my mom wanted to stop and talk to you out of interest in what you were doing but because we were on a road going too fast we felt it inconvenient. This is a huge problem the idea that I am too busy to talk to a fellow human when the reality is that talking and gaining another’s perspective is more important then shopping or watching the idiot box. The things that this culture deem important in reality have no long term impact and are mostly for the ego. After witnessing part of your journey and reading your website you have inspired me to do what I’ve been wanting to do for years, to live simplistically, to slow down, to be one with nature and to love every living thing. How can I embark on a similar journey? Any advice on living as we were created to live? I think you are amazing and I want to help you in anyway I can on your journey. Thank you so much giving me perspective and the push I’ve needed for years.” ~Mary L, Castaic, CA 11/12/2015

“Dear Mule, just heard you on NPR. Your story made me weep at the hardship you and your traveling companions endure in delivering your message to the world. I am also 67 years old, and you’ve given me hope that others might listen to the voices speaking out about the rights of creatures other than humans, as well as hope that some might realize that we do not own this planet, but that the planet is only giving us a place to stay for a while. Thanks so much for that. I wish you and your friends the best in finding green pastures. ”  ~Marilyn M, Endicott, New York 10/6/2015

“John, thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness for the need of a interstate trail and the destruction of our wilderness throughout this country. You and the mules are an inspiration to all! I’m am looking for mules to do the same thing as you on a smaller scale here in Kansas. Good luck to you and the mules and have a safe journey. We will continue to watch and enjoy your travels.”  ~Doug, 9/17/2015

Stacy B 090215“I was at 7-11 in Strawberry/Mill Valley a few moments ago (8/15/15 4:45pm) in my car opening an ice cream bar, and you walked right by. What an extraordinary site! I was able to drive by and see the web site, and to see your smiling face. Thank you for the beautiful message you are spreading. You inspire me and I will share this with whomever I can. Keep on trekking. I love you!” ~Kristine, Mill Valley, CA 8/15/2015

“Saw you guys on Novato Blvd in Novato yesterday, late afternoon. WHAT A TREAT! Safe travels to you and your crew. I love mules, and think your lifestyle and trek are very cool.” ~Sarah, Novato, CA 8/6/2015

“Hi there mules! I saw you twice today- it made me smile to see you guys walking along the highway and then later in Cotati. Just found your blog and looking forward to a good read of it later today. Happy Trails!” ~Andy, 8/3/2015

“We saw you tending to the mules in Geyserville and packing up in the morning near the sculptures. Hope you the mules travel through again soon. May your journey be safe and well-heard.” ~Sefanie and Wyett, Geyserville, CA 8/3/2015

6.16.15 at Atria Carmichael Oaks 1It was so much fun to have you and your mules stop by our senior retirement community  and visit with our residents and staff on June 16. ~Laurie Taylor, Atria Carmichael Oaks Senior Living, Engage Life Director , 7/17/2015

“My thanks to John and the Three Mule Journey group! I’m a big fan of outdoor experiences and believe in the therapeutic value of connecting with animals….and your Mules seemed very dear! Much gratitude to you all for providing this opportunity!” ~Tamberly Mott, Divisional Engage Life Innovation Director, 7/17/2015

I salute you sir. Thank you for your dedication.  I agree with you 100%. If you ever make it out to southeastern Indiana, you are welcome to stay. Again…………..from one old guy mule owner to another, thank you!” ~Howard C, Indiana 7/7/2015

Dear Mules: You walked by my house in Carmichael coming from American River. We’ve been following you since. My daughter just saw you yesterday at the Court House. I have an uncle that was not going to play into life the way other people did. He was diagnosed with something that was going to kill him. This is mid 1970’s. He buys three horses and takes his daughters from Iowa to Reno on horse. They sold the horses in Reno and took the train down to “Frisco.” He finished the trip, had not died, and then decided he would go on the hobo trail for a year. He did and wrote short stories about his adventures. He still didn’t die. Not till 35 years later and a very full life. He gave his daughters wonderful skills and memories. When you come back through Carmichael, I have good old grubb for you. My family would enjoy meeting you. There’s even room for your three partners to have a meal. I do plan to keep following you. Thank you for your dedication to a real cause. ~Susan C, Carmichael, CA, 6/19/2015

My friend and I met you on Fair Oaks Blvd yesterday in Sacramento. You were kind enough to explain your mission and journey to us. Lady, thank you for being so friendly. I wish you could visit school and let children known how important your message is for their future quality of life. We need your message and reminder. I thought about your journey all day. God and nature bless you and the 3 mules for what you remind us of the beauty and need for nature and open spaces in our world. You made me think of John Muir and his very similar message and warning so long ago. You and your mules are an important reminder and a blessing. ~Jane S, Sacramento 6/17/2015

I was sitting at my dining room table when three mules with their human were walking up my road. I was full of unaswered questions, but happy to see you on your journey. Take care and be well! Happy Trails!” ~Cynthia H, 6/16/15

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Love reading about your life adventure. As a cub scout pack leader in Orinda, near Berkeley, you are an inspiration that would be great for these young boys to learn about. Next time you are up this way, I’d like to introduce my scouts to you, if possible. Bravo on your quest.” ~Drew W, Orinda, CA 6/8/15

I would like to commend you to the work you are doing. I also believe that humanity is wasting and destroying the planet. We need more people like yourself willing to stand for this cause. I believe in saving the planet and it angers me to see people polluting and wasting the natural resources we can’t afford to waste. If you need help with anything or if there is anyway I can join you in your cause I’m so interested. Thank you for taking the time to push for a reform that calls the government to take action to this issue. Keep doing such a wonderful thing.” ~Anna V, 5/29/15

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Thank you for reminding us of the beauty that we so often take for granted. Glad to see you and the mules are still on the road. Happy trails to you all.” ~Debbie, 5/10/15

My mom gave you water, coffee and muffins when you stayed at Alhambra Valley Road and Bear Creek Road in Martinez.” Checked out the latest news on the four of you. Hopefully a change will happen in America. Keep it up.” ~Rene J., Martinez, CA 5/3/15

Saw you today on Wible Road and thought, ‘gee, what a strange sight for this side of town!’. I grew up in Rosedale, another area of Bakersfield, where, as a kid, horses were a common sight. However now, it’s filled with housing developments. I was touched by the sight of your mules and quite delighted! It brought a smile to my face! I love what you are doing and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers…Blessings and traveling mercies to you as you journey forward.” ~Julie H., 4/10/15

I love what you are doing.. Keep up the walk!” ~Elina S., 4/3/15

Read about you and your mules in the Santa Barbara News-Press. Loved your story and what you do. If you are still in Santa Barbara, you and your mules are welcome to stay up here on the Mesa. I have a fenced in yard, some grass for the mules to eat, and close by is the Douglass preserve. Kinda off the main path – but anyway, keep on treking!” ~Kathy, 3/22/15

We saw you on Los Feliz and San Fernando in Glendale today. I read about your mission on the internet. You are an amazing man and you have seriously made me think about our earth, it’s beauty and the people who should truly have the right to rest on it. Thank you, Mule, for your sacrifice and your selfless dedication to this mission. I am sad that this “urban jungle” we all live in must be so hard on you at times compared to the open land. I don’t think I’ll ever forget you and the 3 mules and you will always be in my prayers.” ~Penelope, 3/6/15

“We read your letter last night at the Norco City Council. We as an animal loving community take pride in the fact you stayed with us on your journey. It is with hope you do accomplish your mission. We in Norco salute you on your journey and wish you much success.” ~Herb Higgins, Mayor of Norco, 3/5/15

We saw u all walking in Monrovia this morning. You and your mules are beautiful. Thanks for being there. It made our day.” ~Jameela and Wylan (3 years old), 3/4/15

Saw you heading south on Newport thru Tustin January 13, 2015 or so. Glad to see you Mules doing some living, no one here knows how to live a life or what its for. Thanks for the inspiration, seeing you gave me hope. Be safe, travel long and far.” ~Tom M., 3/4/15

My niece saw you today right in front of work. She told me, I looked you up and found you on internet and facebook. This is wonderful, been reading about you all evening. Sorry I missed you in Rancho Cucamonga. I agree with your message. I will continue to follow your travels and share your story every chance I get. Safe travels. God Bless. Hope to run into you one day…..” ~Bonnie P., 3/2/15

“<sp an style=”color: #800000;”>I saw you in Corona on Ontario Street. I drove by and was so excited to see the mules and you standing there. I love animals and to see them free out not in a cage it was awesome. They were grazing on someone’s lawn eating grass.  I yelled at my daughter look check those out the beautiful mules. You could tell they lived out in the wild and they were so beautiful and the man standing there just looked so happy. Then, today at the gym I saw you on the news just for a brief second I didn’t catch the whole thing, but I found out you had a web page. So, I looked you up this evening and I think what a wonderful thing you’ve been doing. I see you have a third mule now.  I hope you all have a wonderful journey wherever you go. Please be safe and give the mules a hug and a kiss from me. Thank you for reading. ~Michelle, 2/27/15

I’m only as trapped as I allow myself to become. Your journey and message is wonderful. Keep on walking.” ~Craig H., 2/27/15

I just saw you on the NBCLA4 News. I’m so amazed on this journey you’re accomplishing and the reason behind it. I too, also agree with you at the fact that humans are so disconnected with nature and animals because no one thinks about it anymore. We’re so consumed with technology. I personally love nature and always take time out of my day to look at the sunset or stargaze at night for a while. The world is a beautiful place and humans take that for granted. It makes me so happy that there’s still people like you out there, having an advocacy for animals and nature. I hope one day, I’ll encounter you and your 3 mules. I’m supporting you. Keep doing what you’re doing and I hope you have a nice night sir!” ~Jole H, 2/26/15

I saw you were in town (Corona) & sorry I missed you. If you are coming back at some point, please let me know. ~Eugene Montanez, Mayor, City of Corona, 2/22/15

I saw you yesterday in Vista, CA, where I have lived with my husband and 3 children for 20+ years now. We saw you grazing your beautiful animals near the road by the Vista Civic Center. Such a beautiful sight! We thought we were seeing things or had possibly been transported in time 🙂 until we went home and I googled you and read your incredible story. I have since shared your story on my facebook page this morning. I hope you will approve of the things I wrote. You are an inspiration to many….the voice of a simpler time, freedom for all and the right to shared spaces. Keep up your wonderful journey, stay safe and know that you have another friend in this neck of the woods! We wish you continued positive energy on your journey for you and your beautiful mules! Hoping our paths may cross again one day. Have a wonderful day.” ~Carol and Jim V, 2/13/15